10 Signs of Low Testosterone

What will happen if you have low testosterone

Testosterone, the hormone that turns a boy into a man. It’s found in the testicles and is key to men in different aspects of their life, it affects a man’s sexual development appearance, mood, bone mass, and many others.

According to the Healthline Testosterone levels decrease with age, at a rate of 1% every year after the age of 30, so once you reach your mid-forties you may start to see some effects of low T levels. There’s nothing to worry about, it’s natural and there are many ways you can keep on top of your testosterone levels, to keep them healthy for years to come.

According to the Food and drug administration, a normal level of T is 300 – 1,000 ng//dL, signs of Low Testosterone start to show when levels drop below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL), here are 10 signs of Low Testosterone in Men.

1. Hair losshair loss - low testosterone sign

Hair loss and testosterone have a complicated relationship, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is made from testosterone, it can be made by DHEA or the enzyme in T called 5-alpha reductase. DHT is the part of testosterone that directly affects balding in men and women, the actions of DHT and the sensitivity of older hair follicles causes hair loss.

2. Fatiguefatigue - low testosterone sign

Fatigue is common with aging, but Men with low T have reported a decrease in energy levels and extreme fatigue, it is also usual for men with low T to find it difficult to get motivated to exercise. It may be a key indicator of Low T if you are still very tired despite getting in enough sleep.

3. Mood changesmood change

Drastic changes in mood are very common in men with low testosterone, although testosterone affects many physical aspects of the body, it is also capable of affecting mental capacity and moods. A study into Mental health and testosterone deficiency found that it was more common for men with Low T to suffer from irritability, and depression.

4. Increase body fatbody fat

Increased body fat is one of the most common identifiers of Low testosterone, Men can also develop gynecomastia, which is the scientific word for man boobs! The effect is often due to an imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen.

5. Loss of muscle massmuscle mass

Muscle cells have androgen receptors for testosterone when testosterone binds to the receptors, muscle fibers are maintained. With a lack of testosterone, maintenance is stopped, and muscle mass declines.

6. Low semen Levelsemen

Testosterone is produced in the testes, where semen is also produced. Semen is the fluid that aids the motility of sperm, it is common for men with low testosterone to notice a decrease of semen during ejaculation.

7. Affected Memorymemory loss

Like many aspects of the human body, testosterone levels and cognitive functions decline with age, as does memory. As a result, doctors believe that lower testosterone levels could contribute to an affected memory. Research into the topic, published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that studies into testosterone supplementation linked to improved memory, although the authors’ study did not observe the same effects in 493 men.

8. Decreased bone massbone mass

The thinning of bone mass, also known as Osteoporosis, is a condition that is mainly associated with women. However, a low level of testosterone in men can also experience bone loss. This is due to testosterone being key to helping strengthen and produce bone.

9. Decreased Libidolibido

Testosterone is the key ingredient in men’s sex drive, it’s standard for most men to experience a decline in libido as they age, but men with lower Testosterone levels will experience it drastically more.

10. Low Blood Count / Anemiablood cells

Studies into low testosterone and the risk of Anemia in Older men and women found that when researchers administered testosterone to anemic men with low T, they noticed increased blood counts compared to men who were prescribed a placebo gel. They concluded that Older men and women with low T levels do have a higher risk of Anemia.

Increasing Testosterone

Dietlow testosterone sign - diet

Diet is important to increase testosterone levels and is one of the simplest ways to do it. Making sure you get a balanced diet of proteins, carbs and fats will help you maintain T levels, not forgetting about your vitamins and minerals as well! This isn’t just important for testosterone levels, but key to maintain a healthy body and mind as well. Take a look at the Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients.

Exerciseexercise - low testosterone

Exercising regularly is beneficial for your body and your mind, but whilst it gets you fitter and stronger it also plays an impacting role on your hormones. To increase your testosterone levels through exercise, make sure you focus on weight lifting, as when completing compound movements. Have a look at Exercises to boost testosterone

Testosterone Boosting supplementssupplements - low testosterone

T Boosters are one of the top ways to increase your testosterone levels, they use 100% natural ingredients to directly increase T levels, as well as working to prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen. There are so many testosterone boosters on the market currently but don’t worry about going through all of them to find the perfect one, take a look at our Top 10 testosterone boosters.


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