5 things that can help women boost their energy levels and vitality

top 10 supplement reviews - 5 things that can help women boost their energy levels and vitality

COVID-19 has led to a certain revaluation of our health for most people. The challenges that endless lockdowns, self-isolation, quarantine and remote working have brought have been difficult to navigate.


Women who are working at home have had to incorporate childcare and home education into their role. And those on the healthcare frontline, working in care homes or in other essential key worker roles have had different challenges. Others have struggled immensely with the isolation of lockdown, and still others to recover from the virus itself.

Feeling rundown and tired after lockdown? Here’s why

However the pandemic has impacted you, the chances are you could do with a boost. Maintaining our physical and mental health and resilience has never been more important. And the chances are you’ve been seeking out different ways to help you feel better.


Online searches for health supplements, vitamins and tonics have risen sharply during the pandemic. Health and wellbeing have been brought to the forefront of everyday life, leading to a rise in online sales of vitamins, minerals, supplements and natural cures.


For example, a report by Euromonitor International shows that consumers have been increasing online searches for all kinds of supplements aimed at general and more specific health concerns. Other searches for exercise and fitness, meditation and mindfulness and creative pursuits show that lockdown turned people’s minds to wellbeing and health.

Lockdown in the UK is gradually lifting, with a potential mid-summer date for all restrictions to be abolished. This could be further delayed, depending on new variants of COVID and how vaccinations react. We should also remember that not everyone has been vaccinated yet, and that there is always the possibility of further lockdowns.


However, optimistic forecasts do appear to show that we will get to enjoy at least some of the summer. We know that women in particular are keen to feel and look their best in time for some summer sun. And there are plenty of ways you can do just that.

5 positive steps women can take to boost your vitality ready for summer

Here are just a few of our ideas to help you regain that lost women vitality, feel more energetic and get prepared for emerging from lockdown.


  1. Take apple cider vinegar in some form

It’s easy and cheap to keep a bottle of apple cider vinegar in the kitchen. You just need a spoon or two every day to help maintain your weight, burn more calories and lower sugar levels. But if you don’t like the taste, then this could seem unpalatable. Luckily there are new gummy products emerging to combat the flavour of apple cider vinegar. Try Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies by Embody, for example. All the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the sour flavour.


  1. Try a supplement developed especially for women

The supplements market has largely been dominated by male-orientated supplements over the last few years, particularly with testosterone boosters. This is definitely changing now, with supplement manufacturers and product developers providing all kinds of female specific supplements.

For example, Kurapeak, is designed to ease anxiety, boost energy and enhance the libido – for women. These kinds of supplements can help to increase energy levels in general and make it easier to exercise and be active.


  1. Take regular exercise

There’s a reason why every healthcare blog tells you to exercise – it works! There is no replacement for regular exercise that benefits all muscle groups and incorporates strength training and cardio.


Lockdown has increased the kinds of exercise you can access online from home, making it easier than ever to incorporate a home workout into your day. If you don’t want a generic workout, personal trainers and gyms are offering online interactive workouts, or to save cash you can find a free app.


  1. Make time for mindful meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be something that takes up hours of your day. Learning about mindfulness can help you understand how to carry mindful techniques through your day, effectively forming a barrier between your mind and any stresses and strains. There are lots of apps offering meditation, whether guided or free form. Alternatively, you could find a book or CD to learn from, or an online class. You can incorporate it into yoga or walking, jogging or just sitting. Even if you think it’s not for you, we suggest giving it a go, particularly if you’re struggling with anxiety or depression.


  1. Open up to creativity

An hour or so dedicated to a creative project is excellent for stress. It doesn’t matter what it is, take your pick from painting, sketching, crochet, pottery, weaving… the possibilities are endless. Online lessons, craft kits and supplies make it easier than ever to try something new. The outcome is not important, it’s the process that helps your mind and body to relax.