Beginners Guide to Supplements

The world of supplements is a complex one. The stereotypical assumption is that they are only for body builders and intense gym trainers. This is false. Supplements are for everyone. What’s most important is that there is a supplement out there, tailor made for any specific goals you may carry. The key to unlocking which supplement is perfect for you, is proper guidance. This guide breaks down what a supplement is and the different types available to you.

Beginners Guide to Supplements

What is a Supplement?

The definition for the literal word ‘supplement’ is to add something additional to something to enhance it’s effectiveness. Which is exactly what it does in terms of dietary supplements. You take a supplement as a means of getting the necessary additional nutrients to complete your goals.

It is important to note that it is a ‘supplement’ to your diet, not a ‘substitute’. Meaning that it shouldn’t replace the food in your diet, it should just be a means to help achieve a balanced diet by providing nutrients that can be hard to find elsewhere.

For example, someone may be looking to achieve a healthy balanced diet with a variety of different vitamins. However, they may be allergic or just not like citrus foods. This may become an obstacle to their ability to get Vitamin C. Supplements can help rectify this problem by providing another means of getting the necessary vitamin such as a pill or a powder (typically for Vitamin C it would be a pill.)

Different Forms of Supplements

What forms do Supplements come in?

Most dietary supplements are found as one of the following different forms;

  • Pills – Typically taken with a drink and are commonly found for supplements that focus on someone’s deficiency of a particular vitamin/nutrient.
  • Capsules – An alternative for pills but easier to swallow. They provide vitamins/nutrients in a powdered form within a capsule. Not all supplements offer capsule alternatives.
  • Gummy – These are typically used by younger audiences or those who do not like swallowing pills whole. They can be chewed on.
  • Powders – These can be used to make a drink or a shake. Typical but not limited to supplements that helps assist with regular gym trainers.

The Different Supplement Categories

The heavy mass of research collected by scientists today help contribute to the diversity of the supplement world. Each supplement category is directed at a different goal/purpose. There is so much variation within these supplement categories that there is bound to be a supplement out there that specifically suits your needs perfectly. As a starting point, here are a few of the different types of supplements available to you;

ProJym Protein Supplement

Protein Powders

Protein Powders help provide protein in a powder that can be made into a drink. Most powders carry around 20g of protein per serving and can usually be mixed with any liquid to make a preferred drink.

Protein helps rebuild minor muscle tears after a workout. They grow back stronger and larger. Furthermore, protein also codes your body on how to develop every cell in your body. Which is why it is paramount that you get enough of it. Protein powders are often used for this because they are absorbed and processed by the body much faster than if it was found naturally in food. It is for this reason that many people will drink their protein powders straight after a workout. The protein will be fast acting and repair muscle damage around the following 30 minutes.

The two most popular proteins that are provided in these powders are; casein protein and whey protein. Both are derived from milk and both are associated with maintaining and building healthy muscle mass. Casein Protein provides less Leucine than Whey Protein and is also absorbed slower therefore many prefer Whey Protein. However, a balance of fast absorbing and medium to slow absorbing has been shown to be beneficial to your body.

If you have decided that a protein supplement is right for you, browse our top 10 whey protein powders and also our other protein powders here.

Old School Labs Vintage Burn Review

Fat Burning Supplements

Fat Burning supplements assist with weight loss. These are used along side an effective diet to help overweight people lose weight. Having said that, they also help some people define themselves and make their muscles stand out.

They are a few different divisions of fat burners. Some of the most famous are Thermogenics. Thermogenics help raise your body temperature which in turn increases your metabolism and your enhances your body’s ability to burn fat. Commonly they include stimulants such as caffeine, however there are other fat burners that don’t see this as a necessity. These are known as non-stimulant fat burners.

Fat Burning supplements typically come in pill/capsule form. Thermogenics shouldn’t really be taken in addition to lot’s of caffeine based drinks. They also shouldn’t be taken just before bed or alongside a pre-workout supplement that probably contains caffeine. Non-stimulant fat burners can be taken along side any of these. However, they tend to be less potent.

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D Bal Maxn Supplement

Weight Gain Supplements

Just like there are fat burning supplements, there are also weight gaining supplements. These are for those who want to pack on mass without eating too unhealthy. Anyone can put on fat by eating the wrong foods. However, in the process they make their organs incredibly unhealthy.

Weight Gainers avoid this problem because they do not include anything harmful like unhealthy food. They are typically easy to take pills with ingredients such as branched chained amino acids, whey protein and man more. Some are so powerful that the claim to have the potency of an illegal steroid, without the negative side effects if course.

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Transparent Labs Pre-series Bulk (Pre-Workout)

Pre-Workout Supplements and Creatine

Creatine has quickly become one of the most used supplements in the world. It energizes you and gives you extra strength. This is why they’re often used in pre-workout Supplements, they allow you to endure intense workouts.

So, creatine is not known for building muscle, it is known to provide you with the energy to help you work your muscles so that they then rebuild stronger. That’s why it is a good idea to take a pre-workout before your workout and a protein shake after to ensure that your muscles are repaired quickly and effectively.

Some supplements focus on providing solely creatine and nothing else. Pre-workout supplements often have creatine in them, but they are accompanied with an abundance of other helpful ingredients such as essential BCAA’s. It is for this reason that creatine is much cheaper than pre-workout supplements.

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TestoFuel Testosterone Boosting Supplement

Testosterone Boosters

These supplements are typically pills used by men to increase their testosterone levels. Having said that, some people inject testosterone. For obvious reasons, we do not see the point in doing this when you can raise your testosterone levels through an orally taken pill. It is safer, easier and does the same thing.

Some testosterone boosters look not only to raise testosterone but to enhance your body’s ability to use the available testosterone. It is important to note that taking too much of this type of supplement is likely to result in side effects. However, if you stick to the recommended dosage on the label you should be fine.

Heightened Testosterone is often associated with building muscle and revitalizing sex drive and libido. This is why it is often taken by older men as well as bodybuilders. On the contrary, it is not a ‘sex pill’ like viagra.  Testosterone also has a tonne of other benefits.

If you would like to experience some of these benefits, browse our top 10 testosterone boosters and you will find the perfect supplement for you.

Supplement Assistance to help improve your Mind and Body


Nootropics are supplements that focus on stimulating nerves to better improve communication and alertness in your brain. Years of research into neurotransmitters and their effects on behavior and mood caused these supplements to become very popular. There is lot’s of demand for a supplement that helps you become more focused and driven.

Nootropics are popularly used by students, businessmen and athletes. Interestingly the truth is that they can be used by anyone. Everyone thinks and everyone needs to perform basic functions such as focusing and task completing. This is why they have become so widely used.

You can read our complete guide to nootropics to find out more on this topic. If you have decided that a nootropic is for you, please browse our top 10 nootropics to find the best one for you.

If you are still unsure about anything or have any questions, please get in touch with us.