Diet Tips

Here we offer you advice on some common diet tips including Carbohydrate Counting for Low Carb Diets, Low Fat Diets and Healthy Eating. The Carbohydrate pages contain information regarding its role as an energy source but also informs you on how eating too much can cause it to store as fat on the body if it is not burnt off. There is also information on the Low Fat Diets page about cholesterol and how losing lots of weight quickly can be unhealthy. The Healthy Eating page can tell you more information about how eating organic foods and consuming fibre is good for you. It also contains lots of information about healthy eating in general.

Energy, Kcalories Ingested and Expended

Kilocalories (Kcalories) are a measurement of the amount of energy a food will provide to the individual who eats it. A kilocalorie contains 1,000 calories, meaning they give you a lot of energy when you consume them. You should count how many kcalories you gain (ingest) and roughly how much you have burnt (expended) if you want to diet effectively.

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All about Metabolism

Typically when people think of metabolism, they think of weight. Technically, metabolism just refers to chemical processes that happen in order to maintain life. However a big topic it affects, is still weight loss/gain. This is because a good metabolism will break down food more effectively. Here, we go deeper into some of the processes.

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Calorie Intake Calculations

It is essential that if you are dieting, you use the correct calorie calculations. This is because if you gain a lot of energy from eating calories and don’t use it, then it will store as fat. So no matter what diet you are on, you need monitor how many calories you should eat.

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TCA and Electron Transport

Have you ever wondered how your body processes your energy levels? The TCA cycle and electron transport have a big part to play in this. Therefore they directly affect how much energy you have left for your workouts.

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What exactly are the functions of Water?

Water is possibly the most important nutrient to make sure you consume regularly. This is because your body cannot produce as much as it needs. Therefore you need to help it and… Drink the right amount of water!

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