General Diet Advice

This Section gives you general diet advice, such as information regarding eating disorders, lifestyle tips and how to calculate important body measurements so you can track your diet’s effectiveness. For example information provided on the page below includes a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation which helps judge whether someone is classed as obese or underweight and how severely. Also the page gives an insight to anorexia and other eating disorders and how they can effect someones physical and mental health in a number of ways. Overall, you can find general dieting tips on the page below that can help you achieve whatever specific goals you have set


Minerals All You Need To Know

Minerals are an essential part of your diet and are needed to ensure that your body is receiving the right nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy. You can improve your mineral intake simply by changing the foods you eat but first you will want to know what these minerals do and what are the best ways to improve intake. We therefore have created this handy little article that outlines all of the information you will be looking for to save you time and keep you healthy!

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5 Tips to Succeed on Your Diet

We all know that getting on, and sticking to, a diet is not that easy. Many times, we suffer from information overload. There is so much out there regarding different types of diets that we forget to focus on a few critical elements. Regardless of the type of diet plan you are on, you will need to focus on these tips in order to be successful.

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7 Worst Foods to Eat During Weight Loss

We all know that when you begin a diet, the most important detail in weight loss is changing the way we eat. The best way to start is to eliminate the foods that have caused the problem in the first place. This can help determine what mistakes we may be making during our attempt in achieving a weight loss goal. Discover the 7 worst foods that prevent weight loss.

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The Weight Loss Mentality

We want to reach those that may or may not need to lose weight that need a purpose. First, you need to know the right reasons to lose weight, and there are many facets of life that may lead you to lose weight, whether it be that you feel bad about yourself, need control of something in your life, want to acquire better health, or are put down about who you are and that you want to change it, or JUST because the world has cascaded a mean frenzy around you.

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The Full List: Filling Foods

Need a handy reference for foods that will help you stick to your diet by curbing hunger? Look no further. These healthy foods curb hunger through low calorie density, high fiber content, high protein content or a combination of any of these.

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