Diet Tips

Here we offer you advice on some common diet tips including Carbohydrate Counting for Low Carb Diets, Low Fat Diets and Healthy Eating. The Carbohydrate pages contain information regarding its role as an energy source but also informs you on how eating too much can cause it to store as fat on the body if it is not burnt off. There is also information on the Low Fat Diets page about cholesterol and how losing lots of weight quickly can be unhealthy. The Healthy Eating page can tell you more information about how eating organic foods and consuming fibre is good for you. It also contains lots of information about healthy eating in general.

How to eat healthily

Calories are energy units found in food. The key word is energy. You cannot go through any day without energy food. Yet too much or too less is just as threatening to your weight, shape, and most importantly Healthy Eating

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Low Fat Diets

If you are now on a low-fat diet targeting cholesterol and saturated fats, a change may be in order. Replacing margarine with butter and vegetable shortening with lard should have no effect on your risk of heart attack. However, it may help you feel less hungry and have more energy. A healthy low-fat diet is low in vegetable fat sources. Fats from animal sources, nuts and fruits like avocado or olive are all healthy fat choices…

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Carbohydrate Counting

Carbohydrate counting is a meal planning approach that focuses on the amount of carbohydrate eaten at meals and snacks. It is based on the assumption that carbohydrate is the main nutrient affecting post meal blood glucose readings. Carbohydrate counting is designed to increase flexibility of your food choices as well as to help you achieve good blood glucose control.

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How to Lose Body Weight

There are many ways to lose body weight, even though some ways may not be as safe as others. Everyone can lose weight by exercising or dieting.  A person loses body weight by eating less calories than the body uses. When the body needs calories, it goes into excess weight and fat reserves stored in the body. The same scenario goes for exercise when an individual exercise they burn calories thus resulting in body weight loss.

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