E-Z Camping Spaghetti

e-z camping spaghetti


Serves: 1

  • Your favorite spaghetti sauce
  • Pasta


Preparation method

Prep: 2 hours     | Cook: 30 mins | Extra time: 1 day 21 hours 30 mins

  1. Put your favorite spaghetti sauce in a zip-seal baggy. (Hint: just before you finish sealing the baggy, suck out any air). Finish sealing the baggy.
  2. Put this in a 2nd zip-lock baggy and suck out the air.
  3. Throw this in the freezer for a couple of days so you have a large block of spaghetti sauce flavored ice. It will last for days in a cooler, and keeps the cooler cold.
  4. While camping, put the baggy in a big pot of cold water.
  5. Bring to a boil.
  6. Remove sauce, and you now have a pot of clean boiling water for the pasta.