Elderflower syrup

Elderflower syrup



20elderflower umbels
1 kgsugar
2 liter(s)water
25 gcitric acid



Preparation method


Gently shake the umbels to remove any “unwanted guests”. Do not wash as you will remove the precious pollen which is that what really brings the flavour.

Put the umbels in a very big pot and cover with water. Leave for at least 24 hours. Add the sugar and citric acid and bring to the boil.

Drain and filter well. I use coffee filter papers to filter. Boil up again and fill piping hot into bottles to store (I normally collect the bottles from dressings or BBQ sauces to use them for such things)

This syrup is also nice to freeze in cubes maybe adding a few delicate flowers to each cube and then serve with champagne or sparkling white wine.

Preparation time:ca. 10 min