Energy, Kcalories Ingested and Expended

Running and Burning Calories

What are Kcalories and their significance?

Kilocalories (Kcalories) are a measurement of the amount of energy a food will provide to the individual who eats it. A kilocalorie contains 1,000 calories, meaning they give you a lot of energy when you consume them. You should count how many kcalories you gain (ingest) and roughly how much you have burnt (expended) if you want to diet effectively. If you are having trouble burning calories, we recommend you use a fat burner supplement such as Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen.

Energy In: kcalories Ingested

Kcalories are ingested typically through food consumption, so it is important that you know the composition of the food before you eat it. You can find 4 kcals per gram in carbohydrates, 4 in protein, 9 in fat and 7 in alcohol. It is important that you take any food intake factors into account when couting this. For example, whether you are young or old, male or female etc. Hunger will have a direct effect on how many kcalories you need to ingest, your body will tell you when it needs energy. If you are not hungry then you have reached full satiety levels, and it is not a good idea to eat anymore. Some people may also consume more kcalories because of other external factors such as stress. Try not eat when stressed because you aren’t eating for energy, you are eating to cheer yourself up. This is when you will start to gain weight. If you aren’t eating enough kcalories, you are weakening your whole body. Simply because you aren’t giving your body the amount of nutrients it needs. If you need help calculating your recommended daily caloric intake, consult our

Energy Out: kcalories Expended

Most of the time kcalories are burnt off through physical exercise, whether this be something as simple as walking. This is why most diets consist of controlling how many calories they eat, and how many they burn off through exercise. However, your body uses it’s energy for all sorts of involuntary processes in the body as well. So kcalories can also be expended through simple processes like breaking down your food. If you need help working out your recommended daily intake. consult our help for calorie intake calculations.

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