What exactly are the functions of Water?

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Water is possibly the most important nutrient to make sure you consume regularly. This is because your body cannot produce as much as it needs. Therefore you need to help it and… Drink the right amount of water!

Functions of Water

  • Carries nutrients and waste in the body
  • Maintains structure of molecules: proteins, glycogen, etc…
  • Participates in chemical reactions in the body
  • Acts as a solvent for most nutrients
  • Lubrication and cushioning of joints, spinal cord, and fetus (during pregnancy)
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Maintains blood volume


Dehydration occurs when water output exceeds water input.  Signs of dehydration include dry skin, dry mucous membranes, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, and weakness.

Water intoxication refers to the rare condition when body water contents are too high.


  • water – 100%
  • fruits and vegetables – 90-99%
  • fruit juices – 80-89%
  • pasta, legumes, beef, dairy – 10-60%
  • crackers, cereals – 1-9%
  • oil – 0 %

Amount needed:  a 2,000 kcalorie (average) energy expenditure person requires about 2-3 liters (7-11 cups) per day.

Top 10 Supplement Reviews - functions of Water

Metabolism and Water

Water, it is all around us. Our bodies are full of it.  In fact, 2/3 of our body’s weight is water.  Water is essential for the normal functions of our bodies.  An estimated 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated and 65% of Americans are clinically overweight.  Is there a connection here?

You bet there is.  Anyone who has dieted recently has heard the term – metabolism.  Metabolism is the name for the functions of body which process substances, turning food into energy is one such function.  Ads bombard us with catchy slogans promising that if we take this pill it will raise our metabolism and we will lose a whole bunch of weight.   What we mostly lose from such pills is water weight.  This weight comes back as soon as we stop taking the pills and the cycle continues.

Well, what fuels your metabolism?  You guessed it, water.  Here it is, our blood is 83% water, muscles are 75%, and even our bones are 22% water.  We are comprised of organs and tissue that depend on water daily to functions properly.

Just as we use water to clean the outside of our bodies, our internal organs need water to clean the inside.  When our bodies are deprived of the necessary amounts of water it needs, our metabolism slows down.  We derive our energy from the food we eat through metabolism.  When our metabolism slows down, less energy is produced leaving the rest of food and fat stored in our bodies and thus, weight gain is the result.

So how does an average person know if they are dehydrated?  An easy pinch will tell us.  Lay your hand on a flat surface. Pinch your skin on the top of your hand and pull up.  Release the skin and your skin should quickly fall back smoothly into place.  If your skin doesn’t snap right back, chances are you are dehydrated.  Another quick test is checking the color of your urine.  Any color in your urine indicates a water deficiency.

The recommended amount of water we should drink on average is 8 glasses a day.  Sounds like a lot.  Sounds like a lot of trips to the bathroom too.  If you are not accustomed to drinking that much water, at first there will be many bathroom breaks.   But they will even out soon so don’t give up.  Your body is flushing away, literally, all the water it has been storing for those times when we haven’t provided enough water for our bodies.

Drinking a glass of water before a meal has proven to aid in weight loss plans simply because you will eat less.  Drinking the proper amount of water throughout the day keeps your insides well lubricated like oil in a car.  You can’t keep your motor running without it just like you can’t keep your body running efficiently without enough water.

In conclusion, water is one of the best natural ways to help your metabolism. However, many people often use supplements to help increase metabolism, for example Instant Knockout is famous for helping individuals with this.

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