Exercise Tips

Exercise Tips for multiple different muscles can be found on this page. Advice includes how to target particular muscles, how to perform the exercises correctly and just general workout advice. For example for the bicep muscle, the page tells you about the physical aspects of the muscle, such as where it is and the intricacies of how the muscle is split up. Also, the page contains information regarding the different exercises that can help build the bicep. Such as the variations of curls, for example concentration curls and cable curls. This is just an example of one of the muscles and the information provided on it’s page. Select any of the muscles below to find out more.

A Push/Pull workout

A Push/Pull workout plan programmed specifically to build muscle and increase all round strength whilst avoiding over training body parts, ensuring enough time for muscle recovery.

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How effective is the Talk Test?

For many years, the talk test has been used as a means of measuring aerobic intensity. Many fitness experts question the effectiveness and accuracy of the test. The talk proposes that if you can carry on a light conversation, then you are in a good range of intensity for fat burning and cardio results. Proponents of the talk test believe you should speak clearly and slowly, and if you have discomfort or your speech is broken, then you are working too hard.

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Energise with exercise

Instead of reaching for caffeine, get out for a walk or an exercise class and energise with exercise. It’s easy to drink too much caffeine when you’re on holiday overload, when summoning the energy to get through the day feels like squeezing water from a stone. While too much caffeine makes you tired and wired, a good workout helps you feel physically relaxed but mentally alert. It relieves feelings of tension and stress, and helps you concentrate. And, unlike caffeine, it enhances sleep quality and offers wonderful health benefits.

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Bad Knees? Ways to Tailor Your Workout

It’s not just those with existing knee injuries that need to worry about exercises that may strain the knees. If you’re not used to regular exercise or are overweight – or both – you may be more likely to experience knee pain when undertaking an exercise regimen. Don’t let that put you off. Learn how to work around knee worries.

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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

How do you get rid of man boobs? “Man boobs” aren’t just a funny phrase from sitcoms. If you don’t have them, sure they’re funny. But if you do, it’s likely an upsetting condition you must address. There are a few different reasons why men develop excessive breast fat. No matter why you have this problem, you’re not stuck with your man boobs. There’s plenty you can do about it.

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