Exercise Tips

Exercise Tips for multiple different muscles can be found on this page. Advice includes how to target particular muscles, how to perform the exercises correctly and just general workout advice. For example for the bicep muscle, the page tells you about the physical aspects of the muscle, such as where it is and the intricacies of how the muscle is split up. Also, the page contains information regarding the different exercises that can help build the bicep. Such as the variations of curls, for example concentration curls and cable curls. This is just an example of one of the muscles and the information provided on it’s page. Select any of the muscles below to find out more.


The Triceps Brachii is a muscle located in the back of the arm and makes up about two thirds of an arm’s volume. In order to work the Tricpes Brachii, here’s how we advise you perform the following exercises;

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Traps (short for Trapezius) give you that american football player look. Here is how we would recommend that you perform the best exercises for working the Traps;

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Deltoids, more commonly known as shoulders, have three heads; anterior (front), lateral (medial), and posterior (rear). No one exercise can hit all three heads well at the same time, however there are many excellent exercises that can hit each one of the heads effectively.

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Here you can find the necessary exercises needed to enhance your Rhomboids. Read all about Barbell Rows, Cable Rows and Rhoboid Shrugs.

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