Exercise Tips

Exercise Tips for multiple different muscles can be found on this page. Advice includes how to target particular muscles, how to perform the exercises correctly and just general workout advice. For example for the bicep muscle, the page tells you about the physical aspects of the muscle, such as where it is and the intricacies of how the muscle is split up. Also, the page contains information regarding the different exercises that can help build the bicep. Such as the variations of curls, for example concentration curls and cable curls. This is just an example of one of the muscles and the information provided on it’s page. Select any of the muscles below to find out more.


verything you need to know about Deep Bucket Squats, Lunges,  Leg Curls and Leg Extension.

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Here you can find specific information on the forearm muscles and how to work them effectively, using Wrist Curls and Wrist Flexors and more.

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Chest Exercises

The chest (Latin name – pectoralis) is by far the most popular muscle group to train by most beginners and is a very impressive part of a more advanced bodybuilder’s physique. The chest consists of pectoralis major and pectoralis minor.

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Fitness Gets Social

Fitness Gets Social. Sticking with your workouts is hard, especially if you are exercising on your own. This is where fitocracy helps motivate you.

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