Give these testosterone supplements a try and see how much better you could feel

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Testosterone is linked with libido and fertility in most people’s minds. And while it is responsible for these in men, it also plays other vital functions. These include balancing the entire hormonal system and development of muscles and bone density.


This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your testosterone levels as you get older. Men with low levels may find they experience mood swings, bouts of depression, weakness and fatigue. Bone density can weaken, and it becomes ever harder to build muscle. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s worth checking out some natural testosterone boosting supplements.

How do testosterone supplements help?

Always rule out any underlying health issue before deciding that you need testosterone boosting assistance. You could be feeling tired because of another medical condition. But if you’ve had the all-clear from your doctor, and you still suspect you have low testosterone, then it’s time to look at supplements.


Signs of low testosterone include mood swings, weight gain, reduced muscle tone and difficulty building mass, erectile dysfunction and low libido, general fatigue, memory problems and joint pain. If low testosterone is your problem, you will most likely experience a few of these symptoms at the same time.


The most likely reason for falling levels of testosterone is getting older. There can be other causes, such as stress or trauma, being obese, suffering from other hormone imbalances, some medications and cancer treatments. But more often than not, it’s a problem that comes with natural ageing.


There is no single testosterone boosting product that will work the same for everyone. They all come with different ingredients and target different symptoms. This is why they have different dosages and different quantities of natural ingredients. In general, most of the ingredients work together to balance hormone levels in general, increase bone density, get rid of joint pain, improve your sex drive and give you a firmer erection, make it easier to build lean muscle mass and give you more energy and stamina in general.

Three testosterone supplements we think are worth trying

There’s evidence to show that for men in their early 30s and older, there are benefits to taking a testosterone supplements as part of their daily diet. Here are three to consider.


  1. TestoPrime

A good all-rounder TestoPrime is aimed at men in their 30s and 40s and is packed with natural ingredients. Manufactured in the US and the UK in approved facilities, it’s clinically tested. Ingredients include D-Aspartic Acid for testosterone release, Korean Red Ginseng (sometimes called Panax Ginseng) for libido and mental health and natural testosterone booster ashwagandha. It also contains green tea extract, fenugreek, vitamins B5, B6 and D, zinc, garlic and black pepper extract.


This mix of natural ingredients is easily absorbed by the body and increases testosterone levels. The dosage is four capsules every day before breakfast, and you should find that your physical and mental stress levels balance out in a relatively short time.


  1. TestoGen

TestoGen is popular with athletes and bodybuilders but is also marketed towards men who just want to improve their own general health. This supplement has 11 key ingredients including vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts. These include D-Aspartic acid, vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin K1 and B6, boron, nettle leaf extract, fenugreek extract, Korean Red Ginseng extract and bioperine.


This combination of ingredients boosts testosterone in a safe and healthy way. Some of the ingredients stop enzymes from changing stored testosterone into oestrogen, while others directly target the libido and help to improve overall stamina. The dosage is four capsules about half an hour before breakfast every day.


  1. Centrapeak

Centrapeak is formulated to promote physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing. It has many premium level ingredients that all work together to support testosterone levels. Ingredients include magnesium and zinc, vitamins B6, K2 and D3, Korean Ginseng, boron, luteolin, bioperine, mucana pruriens and ashwagandha.


These ingredients work together to boost sperm count, improve mental and physical health and increase total testosterone levels. The supplement should lead to an all-round healthier and calmer outlook for men previously suffering from low testosterone. Dosage is three capsules spread throughout the day. They should be taken with meals as this helps their absorption into the body.

Research different supplements before choosing one

It’s important to have confidence in the supplement you choose. Always read the ingredients carefully and check that the product is made by a reputable manufacturer. Ideally, it should be approved and tested, with results available to read if you wish.


Testosterone boosters aren’t just for athletes or people who want to build major muscle mass. They can help anyone struggling with low testosterone levels feel their very best, regardless of their age. Ideal for men from around 30 years old and up, testosterone supplements are safe to take and worth a go for anyone dealing with any of the common symptoms.


And for women suffering from anxiety and stress, low libido and a general lack of energy, we’d recommend Kurapeak. While it doesn’t, of course, contain testosterone, it shares many other ingredients with testosterone supplements. Its ingredient mix is designed to improve anxiety levels and general focus as well as energy levels and libido.