Health Advice

This page provides links to pages that offer a wide variety of Health advice. This includes information regarding common health issues, mental health and children’s health. For example, on the page regarding children’s health, obesity in children is discussed as well as the ways to tackle it, such as making sure your child finds an interest in a physical hobby rather than watching TV. The page also addresses how to limit the amount of accidents that occur in the house, which intern improves children’s health. Click on any of the pages below to find out more about the particular topics of Health Advice.


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5 in 100 US citizens (2015) according to a CDC survey, smoke cigarettes often. An even higher 19% (2016) smoke in the UK according to an NHS survey. Why do so many people continue to smoke? Nictotine makes people get addicted to cigarettes, but what causes someone to first start smoking? It could be peer pressure, it’s calming effect or anything. There is no clear answer. However the one fact that is clear, is that smoking is bad for your health.

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