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This page provides links to pages that offer a wide variety of Health advice. This includes information regarding common health issues, mental health and children’s health. For example, on the page regarding children’s health, obesity in children is discussed as well as the ways to tackle it, such as making sure your child finds an interest in a physical hobby rather than watching TV. The page also addresses how to limit the amount of accidents that occur in the house, which intern improves children’s health. Click on any of the pages below to find out more about the particular topics of Health Advice.

Yoga for Weight Loss How Effective Is It?

When beginning your weight loss progress you wouldn’t think yoga could be an option that will help you to lose weight but it can be suggested that the combined activity of yoga for a long period of time in addition to the change in lifestyle I.e. healthier meals and a more stress free lifestyle can be a factor which could help you lose weight. This idea can even be backed up by the fact that cortisol build up is linked to your stress levels. To find out more on how yoga can help you lose weight take a look at our article.

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Low Fat Diets More Than Just A Weight Loss Cure

A recent study, published online May 18 in the American Journal of Clinic Nutrition, states those on a lower-fat diet reduced their risk factors for Type-2 Diabetes even if they did not lose weight. This gives overweight individuals an even greater reason to stick to a low-fat diet. Obesity is a strong risk factor for this life-altering disease. Other common complicates that may benefit include heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

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Energise with exercise

Instead of reaching for caffeine, get out for a walk or an exercise class and energise with exercise. It’s easy to drink too much caffeine when you’re on holiday overload, when summoning the energy to get through the day feels like squeezing water from a stone. While too much caffeine makes you tired and wired, a good workout helps you feel physically relaxed but mentally alert. It relieves feelings of tension and stress, and helps you concentrate. And, unlike caffeine, it enhances sleep quality and offers wonderful health benefits.

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Controlling your cholesterol

Cholesterol is big news and big business these days.  We are bombarded by ads and news articles warning us of the dangers of having high cholesterol.  OK, we get it but do we understand it?  Many of the TV ads we see try to teach us about the dangers of high cholesterol by showing computer generated video of the plaque building up on the walls of arteries.

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