Health Awareness

One of the most important aspects of Health advice is Health awareness. If you’re not aware of what health your body is in, you can’t help improve it. Various calculations can help you gain an awareness of your health. For example, your Body Mass Index (BMI) can help you gain an understanding of whether you are classed as overweight or underweight and whether you need to take precautions because of it. It is also helpful to make doctor’s appointments with your GP regularly. This is because this helps you get a personal understanding of what health you are in, and whether it is improving or not. Here we discuss everything regarding health awareness.



Cancer is the recent disease that has become a very big problem today. Doctor’s are still looking for a cure however they have only managed to cure some cases. Methods of suppressing the symptoms of cancer have been found such as chemotherapy. Pictured, is the cancer ribbon which signifies the fight against cancer. Typically it represents the charity events and fund raising to help cure cancer once and for all. Cancer survival rates are always higher if the disease is found earlier, so it is important to know as much as possible so that you can be safe from cancer. Learn more about cancer in general here and also learn about charity and fund raising events here.

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