Quit Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health, but some people still chose not to quit smoking. It’s important to gain a good understanding of why exactly smoking is ‘bad’ for you. Smoking causes tar to block lungs up so it makes breathing much more difficult, but smoking also increases the chance of the individual developing cancer, particularly in the lungs. Cigarettes consist of toxins that are often used to harm animals. For example, chemicals in cigarettes are also shared in rat poison meaning that this is harmful for your body. There is no doubt that if you quit smoking, your health will improve.

Quit Smoking Scams

Quit Smoking scams are fairly common. They claim that the product will make your smoking habit vanish over night when this is not the case. Learn how to identify these types of products and also get some guidance on how you should go about quitting smoking once and for all.

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5 in 100 US citizens (2015) according to a CDC survey, smoke cigarettes often. An even higher 19% (2016) smoke in the UK according to an NHS survey. Why do so many people continue to smoke? Nictotine makes people get addicted to cigarettes, but what causes someone to first start smoking? It could be peer pressure, it’s calming effect or anything. There is no clear answer. However the one fact that is clear, is that smoking is bad for your health.

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