High Cholesterol Risk Factors

What are the factors of high cholesterol

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High cholesterol is a chronic problem for millions of individuals around the globe. It is a health hazard because it causes major health problems in the body as well as clogs the arteries. While people associate experiencing high cholesterol with an increased risk of heart attack, high cholesterol may also contribute to other diseases and medical conditions.

There are many influential factors of having high cholesterol and experiencing the risks associated with it, and numerous factors come into play that impact your increased risk such as your diet, your weight, your activity level, your age, your gender, stress levels, and heredity.

One of the main influences of high cholesterol is a person’s diet. Individuals who consume high quantities of foods that contain vast amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol will most likely be the ones that are diagnosed with high blood pressure, heart disease, and other health problems.

A person’s age has an impact on risk for high cholesterol as well, because as a person ages their cholesterol levels naturally rise. This is emphasized when a person also consumes too much cholesterol and fat. Your weight also has an enormous impact on whether you have high cholesterol. Belly fat is a big indicator that a person is likely to have high cholesterol.

It is best to monitor and implement high cholesterol prevention before you get to the point of diagnosis. This means exercising regularly, eating plenty of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, and avoiding fried foods, foods high in saturated fats, and too many sweets.