Top 10 Supplement Reviews - Neck exercise

The neck consists of many small muscles that connect the bottom of the skull to your upper back. The muscles of the neck that connect to the spinal cord are the Cervicis Splenius and the Capitis Splenius. Because the upper fibers of the trapezius go high and along the spinal column into the neck, your neck gets a lot of work when you do trap work outs. There are many exercises that can work your neck, but many of them involve a harness and are way more complicated and intricate than they should be. For this reason, we will give you just one exercise that will get your neck to grow better than a football player’s.

To make sure you carry out this exercise properly, it is vital you have an extreme understanding of how to perform it. We would recommend that you use a Nootropic supplement such as Alpha Brain Instant. This is because it helps you enter the right mental state to concentrate on tasks. We don’t want you neck damaged.


Bridges can, and should, be done in two ways. To do this exercise properly you should follow these instructions.

Get on all fours, facing down, and plant your forehead on the floor. Now you have five points of support, with time, once your neck gets stronger, you will subtract your arms and have only three points. With your legs spread far apart and your arms at comfortable distance (you can stay on your forearms if you want), slowly rock back and forth, from your forehead to the back of your head. After several minutes of this, start rocking side to side, ear to ear, and in any direction your neck will allow. Doesn’t matter what order you do them in, you can mix it up any way you like.

For the next part of this exercise you have to flip over, with your stomach up. Just like before, start rocking back and forth, this time trying to go from the back or your head all the way to your nose. You can also rock diagonally and in any desired direction.

*Be very careful with this exercise, its very easy to injure yourself. If you feel a lot of discomfort, stop and try to get more support. You could also restrict your range of motion until your neck gets stronger and more flexible.

Links for Reference

For more professional advice on how to safely strengthen your neck, consult this information from the Spine-Health Website.