Panax Ginseng for health and testosterone

Panax Ginseng health benefits

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine. Research in western countries as well as a growing interest in natural supplementation has led to this herb being more widely known.

Panax Ginseng naturally grows in Asian countries such as Korea and China where it was known for its positive effects on vitality. Though it is from the same family as Red Ginseng, both of these forms of Ginsengs differ quite drastically in comparison to American and Siberian Ginseng.

History of supplementation and heavily researched medical studies

As mentioned in the previous paragraph this herb has been a widely used medicine in traditional Chinese treatments. In these traditional methods Ginseng would be used to treat symptoms like fatigue and low libido as well as other symptoms.

Since Ginseng is so highly regarded in Chinese folk medicine it has become the focus of many studies aiming to prove whether or not there is any merit to the claimed benefits. An example of one study that states the positive effect the Ginseng has on Sperm health and sperm count is Ginseng and male reproductive function.

In this study they look at a number of ways Ginseng, they state that it: alters (dopamine, GABA and acetylcholine) levels, Promotes Luteinizing Hormone secretion, enhances erection, increases sex hormones production, proves both sperms count & quality and finally protects the testis from chemicals that harm sperm production and hormone release.

Panax Ginseng boosts Nitric Oxide levels

Ginseng has chemical component inside of it called Ginsenosides. This component is responsible for increasing the conversion rate of arginine by signalling for the activation Nitric oxide synthases. Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) is an enzyme produced by glands in the body, Ginsenosides increase Nitric oxide levels through increased arginine conversion from this enzyme.

Increased Nitric Oxide levels means that blood vessels will relax and expand. As a result, blood, oxygen and key nutrients will be able flow around the body easier.

Panax Ginseng boosts the endocrine system and has many other benefits

Your endocrine system is a group of glands in your body that produce and release hormones to affect your respiration, growth, metabolism, reproduction, sexual development and senses. The endocrine system is built up of many glands including the testes, adrenal gland and thyroid gland.  These glands running optimally allows important hormones to be produced and released that are essential to natural processes in the body.

Additional benefits of Panax Ginseng:

  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improves erectile health
  • Better cognition
  • Well being

Can Ginseng increase testosterone

So, the most important question, can Panax Ginseng increase testosterone production? Saponins in Ginseng nicknamed ginsenosides by researchers are supposedly responsible for an increase in testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and other androgen hormones. Androgen hormones are known as the male hormones and are responsible for a lot of the body’s developments in men. LH controls the release of androgen hormones including testosterone. A study on rats testing the stimulation of the secretion of LH by ginsenoside-Rb1, an active ingredient in Ginseng, found that Ginseng had caused an increased secretion of LH in the rats’ glands.

Regulation of blood glucose is another way Ginseng helps promote healthy testosterone production. When blood glucose is high the pituitary gland produces less LH, this directly affects the production of testosterone and other androgens.

Interestingly, high blood glucose has shown a direct link to lowering the production of testosterone. Research at the University of Edinburgh discover that lower testosterone is linked to an increase in insulin resistance which in turn increases the chances of type 2 diabetes.


Through the research and studies of Panax Ginseng it has been able to show not only a benefit to testosterone production but also an ability to aid in the general health of an individual. The evidence provided establishes that this is certainly a heavy hitter in the testosterone supplements market and is therefore certainly a must have in testosterone supplements. Our current top-rated testosterone booster Centrapeak is a T supplement that utilises this powerful ingredient. Take a look at our Centrapeak review to learn more about how this supplement can increase your testosterone levels.


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