Quit Smoking Scams

Quit Smoking

Practically every time you turn on the TV, or open a magazine there is an ad promoting some sort of method or treatment to stop smoking. Many of these advertisements promise that finally kicking the habit for good is one of the easiest things to do, which anyone who has will tell you otherwise.

With the internet more popular than ever, many businesses use quit smoking scams to get you to purchase their product when most of them have never been proven to be effective nor have they been tested. Buyers should beware of these products and note that if it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is.

If you are interested in quitting smoking, then you should research your options before choosing the right method for you. Many smokers claim that nicotine gum and patches help tremendously with nicotine withdrawals. Others claim that electronic cigarettes helped them stop by replacing a real cigarette with a fake one. Others have found that pills such as Chantix are most effective but usually come with some very dangerous side effects.

Some smokers claim that hypnosis helps them stop smoking permanently by dealing with the behavioral issues instead of the nicotine addiction. Acupuncture has also proven to help smokers stop smoking with an all-natural and relaxing way of doing it. These treatments usually are not effective unless you completely decide you want to stop smoking for good, and have only proven to be up to 40 percent effective for most patients. Some people claim these methods to be quit smoking scams, when realty they are treatments made to help the patient cope with nicotine addiction, not simply fix it for them.

Late night infomercials claim they can practically make you quit overnight, and you will never want to pick up a cigarette ever again. Companies such as zero smoke claim that they have a safe and effective way to make you stop smoking permanently. This quit smoking scam claims that:

  • The product uses no patches
  • The product uses no pills
  • The product uses no gum
  • Is a complete all natural way to stop urges to smoke and nicotine cravings.

This product sounds a little too good to be true right? The product simply is a set of magnets you put on your ears to send charges through the pressure points in your ears to eventually produce endorphins. These techniques have proven to be effective with patients that have undergone acupuncture treatments to lessen the cravings, but does not promise to make you never want a cigarette again.

Zero Smoke claims that their magic little ear magnets work instantaneously just as you put them on, and you never will smoke again. Buyers should know when looking for a product to use as an aide to quit smoking that any company that promises you will never pick up a cigarette again is most likely a quit smoking scam.

Also note that if this new treatment or method is advertised on infomercials in the middle of the night, the company could be scamming you. Smokers should look for treatment methods that are effective for them because what works for one person will usually not be the right choice for another person.

No matter how you quit, you should know that your lung function will improve, you will be at less risk for heart and lung diseases, and you will be lengthening your life span tremendously. Just beware of when shopping for the right drug, treatment or method also watch out for quit smoking scams that offers promises they cannot fulfil.