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Last modified: November 7, 2022

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Anadrole Overview

Anadrole (A-Drol) is a 100% safe and legal version of the widely known muscle-building steroid, Anadrol. Anadrol is one of the most powerful bodybuilding anabolic steroids out there. However, it is unpopular for the same reasons as Dianabol. They are both very dangerous.

Despite its amazing ability to build muscle, the illegal steroid Anadrol has some very serious and basically unavoidable side effects. Anadrol side effects include: swelling, ongoing erections, changes in skin colour, urination issues, vomiting, lack of appetite, stomach pains and many more. The results it produces are simply not worth the risks involved.

A-Drol to the rescue! A-Drol is the risk-free alternative to Anadrol, and it can produce the same level of results. It was created to allow people to reap all of the bodybuilding benefits of taking Anadrol without having to suffer any of the side effects… not to mention A-Drol is legal.

What does Anadrole do?

A-Drol works by helping to increase the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells are what carry oxygen throughout your body. More red blood cells means more oxygen and increased flow of oxygen into your muscles. During a workout, oxygen produces power. More power means you can lift more weight, and lifting more weight means gaining more muscle.

When your muscles are short on oxygen, they get tired and can’t lift as much weight. A-Drol can provide your muscles with more oxygen and more fuel, which in turn could allow for more growth and delayed muscle fatigue. Not only that, but oxygen also is key for muscle recovery so you can add speedy recovery to the list of potential benefits. A-Drolingredients are thoughtfully selected to create an excellent supplement that is also very safe.

Manufacturer Description

Anadrole re-creates the effects of Oxymethalone (known as Anadrol, one of the most powerful anabolic steroids in existence) but without the side-effects. It increases red blood cell production, enabling them to shuttle more oxygen to your muscles, delaying fatigue and delivering immense muscle gains.


  • Possible side-effects.
  • Research product before purchasing.

Consumer Testimonials

“When I started to get serious about my fitness, I knew I had to step my game up with the right supplements. After doing a little bit of research, I noticed that Crazy Bulk had a few products I could look into. I decided to try Anadrole and I couldn’t believe how incredible the results were. I started taking one tablet before working out and I could see a serious difference in my gains after just a few weeks. I still take Anadrole as directed on my rest and workout days and I’m amazed that one tablet could make such a difference in my routine.”

“I’m a bit of a fitness freak, and my competitors at the gym refer to Anadrole because of how amazingly powerful it is. Used effectively, legal anabolic steroids such as Anadrole deliver unparalleled results after just a few short weeks. I also use Anadrole on my off cycle to help improve my level of mass and muscle power so I don’t lose all my hard work. It’s the perfect alternative of the harmful pharmaceutical Anadrol, which also will require a prescription. Crazy Bulk shipped Anadrole without the need of any prescription and I’m very thankful for that. It also saved my health. Guys – don’t touch the pharmaceutical Anadrol – try Anadrole which is legal and great also!”

“In order to tone up my muscles, I have used Anadrole for a few weeks. The results I’ve seen are not ideal, but real. Combining the product with a healthy diet and exercise has given me the definition in my arms that I have desired. Another benefit of this product is that I have seen more strength in my arms, which is what I wanted. This is a safe product, and I don’t have to worry about any of the side-effects that I’ve worried about with other over-the-counter products. The best way to use this product is about 30 minutes before exercising, especially weight-lifting.”

“I’d already tried everything to take my body to the next level. After years of intense fitness regimens and a carefully controlled diet, I had honed my physique. Now I wanted to give myself an edge. I needed to pump up my muscles and put on some bulk. I decided to give Anadrole a try and got the results I was looking for. Thanks to its stacking formula, I could put in a much harder workout with an excellent recovery. I gained lean muscle mass without the fat to finally achieve my bodybuilding goals.”

“I love to take it to the extreme when it comes to fitness. I can’t get through a day without an intense workout, but sometimes my body tries to tell me otherwise. I decided I needed something to give me the extra energy to push myself as hard as I could. With Anadrole, I had the help of a powerful anabolic, minus negative side effects. Since I’ve been using Anadrole, I have the stamina to keep on going until I’ve reached my fitness goals. My energy levels have shot up, I don’t get fatigued, and I have fast recovery times. I feel strong enough to take on the world!”

Video Testimonials

What's in Anadrole

  • Tribulus terrestris.
  • Soy protein isolate.
  • Whey protein concentrate.
  • Shilajit (Asphaltum) – aids muscle growth.
  • Acetyl L-carnitine – carries fat into mitochondria, turning it into fuel for more energy.

Our Verdict

Fast muscle gain and quick results, but the potential side-effects cannot be ignored. Anadrole is used by top athletes, boosting oxygen and nitrogen levels to the muscles that need it the most. It is valuable for recovery times after strenuous work-outs.

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