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Last modified: November 4, 2022

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BSN Hyper Shred Edge Overview

BSN Hyper Shred Edge is a state-of-the-art weight loss aid. Hypershred was created to provide the most research driven and cutting edge weight loss ingredients, help support a healthy metabolism, increase the mobilisation and usage of body fat as a fuel and to provide energy and a cognitive boost to lift fatigue, improve performance and accelerate fat loss. When following the instructions on the bottle you should see results in no time !

What does BSN Hyper Shred Edge do?

  • Supports energy
  • Increased focus
  • Weight management aid
  • Contains Fat burning thermogenic ingredients

Manufacturer Description

HYPER SHRED is a new energy and weight management dietary aid whose streamlined formula keeps the focus squarely on energy and metabolic support to help users elevate their overall physical performance and reach their fitness goals. Users can expect clean energy and training focus support without the potentially negative effects of more cluttered formulas. HYPER SHRED essentially takes the idea behind the recent wave of ultra-concentrated pre-training powders and delivers it in pill form – serious energy promotion and training focus support, plain and simple. HYPER SHRED gives users an edge in their fat-burning efforts and is perfect as a pre-workout energy boost. Because the concentrated formula only requires one capsule per serving, getting a daily dose of extreme performance support is as convenient as can be. For anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve and get clean fat-burning and training support, HYPER SHRED is the state-of-the-art supplement choice.


  • Not to be used for longer than eight weeks.
  • Does not contain green tea extract.
  • Your appetite might not be affected.
  • Side-effects may include nausea, dizziness and short of breath.

Consumer Testimonials

Bsn Hypershred Before Before BSN Hypershred After After
Testimonial 1

“Not bad, but it doesn’t contain green tea extract or even L-carnitine – something every hardcore fat burner needs to contain!”

Testimonial 2

“I thought taking this would help shred my fat but it’s not too extreme. You can feel you stomach crumbling inside. I hate the fact the you have to take this at least an hour before your first meal / breakfast. It’s good but there are better options out there.”

Testimonial 3

“I got a sample pack with two servings. Used it pre-workout. First serving was pretty good; I had energy and focus. Second serving was not that great. I can’t rate its fat-burning abilities because I feel you need to use these type of supplements for at least a couple weeks before judging them. I wouldn’t buy this as there are better fat-burners available.”

Video Testimonials

What's in BSN Hyper Shred Edge

What’s in BSN Hyper Shred

  • Capsicum annuum as MaxiTherm® (an extract from chili peppers)
  • Black Pepper Extract (95% Piperine) Piperine has a long history being used in medicine
  • N-acetyl L-Carnitine which is an Amino Acid
  • Quercetin (active in cherries and cocoa)
  • 400mg of Caffeine
  • 600mg of L-Tyrosine
  • 120mg of Yerba Mate
  • Citicholine as Cognizin®

Our Verdict

Hyper Shred is a middle-of-the-range fat burner; it’s certainly not the worst, but it doesn’t blow you away either. Because it doesn’t contain many substances that suppresses your appetite, there will always be the temptation to snack. However, it is affordable and it might be a good option for those who are looking to buy their first fat burner.

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