Casein Protein Powder Review


Last modified: November 2, 2022

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Casein Protein Powder Overview

Bulk Supplements have made a supplement that is slow-digesting and derived from milk. Because it is sow digesting it’s effects are long lasting and effective over extended periods of time. It contains 26g of protein per serving and the recommended dose per day is somewhere between 15 and 30 grams but it will vary for everyone. It is also a source for calcium due to it’s heavy milk based ingredients.

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  • £251.82 $344.96

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What does Casein Protein Powder do?

  • Provides your body with a source of protein and calcium
  • Large amino acid profile
  • Supports Muscle growth that can have long lasting effects
  • Studies imply that it may help maintain good dental hygiene

Manufacturer Description

Containing significant amounts of phosphorus, Casein is a protein that makes up about 80% of the protein content in cow’s milk (the remaining 20% being comprised of Whey). Known for its slow absorption rate and abundance of amino acids, Casein Protein is a popular choice among many athletes. Casein is a slow-digesting protein and contains branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). One serving of Casein also contains almost half of the daily recommended value of calcium.


  • Awkward packaging.
  • Huge difference in price if you buy the smaller packages.

Consumer Testimonials

“Casein has become critical to my post workout protein intake. The absence of fillers and sweeteners make this casein supplement extremely versatile to use at what appears to be a significant reduction in overall cost. The flavour and mixability are incomparable. I will not be going back to the premixed, sweetened sludge sold everywhere. I am sold on Bulk Supplements.”


“This stuff is great I take it at night after a workout and it feeds my muscles protein all night to help recovery and muscle growth. It helps me get back to the gym faster so it’s definitely worth the money. Especially when you see how much protein shake powders cost, and they barely have any casein in them. Why not just get pure casein powder for much less? You save money and get more results.”


“Loving it so far. I’ve been noticeably less sore in the mornings after including 30 grams or so in my green smoothie at night. The lack of flavour is nice since it can go into anything, just doesn’t mix super well.”

“How hard is it to make a zip-seal package that actually seals? This is the fourth or fifth product from BULK SUPPLEMENTS. ALL their zip seal packages fail to seal properly. The zipper is too small, and the protein particles clog it almost instantly. Back to the casein…this is creamier than the whey isolate, and it makes whatever you add to it thick-creamy, so be prepared. I added it to my oat groats today, which is decidedly not creamy, and two tablespoons of casein almost turned it into a creamy mud. So I’ll keep experimenting to mix this stuff to try to avoid that. I like the slow-digesting concept of casein though. But the whey isolate is so much easier to handle and use.”


How much Casein protein powder can I take a day?

The recommended serving would be 30g daily. However, this may be effected by your size and metabolism. Having said that, even if you are quite large you should still seek help before upping your serving.

Does Casein Protein Powder from Bulk Supplements cause and side effects?

No side effects should be felt unless you are allergic to Casein, you should check that you aren’t by running it past a health care specialist first. However, if you do not stay within the recommended dose, you may feel symptoms of headaches, nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea or fatigue. So it’s essential that you do not take too much.

What's in Casein Protein Powder

  • Carbohydrate.
  • Protein – 26g.
  • Sugars.
  • Calcium – 484mg.
  • Phosphorous – 318mg.
  • Magnesium – 18mg
  • Sodium – 30mg.
  • Potassium – 76mg.

Our Verdict

A solid product from Bulk Supplements, although why anyone would want to buy 20kg of protein powder in one go is unfathomable. Nice ingredients, although users have constantly reported a difficulty in closing the package once opened.

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