Con-Cret Creatine HCl Review


Last modified: November 6, 2022

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Con-Cret Creatine HCl Overview

CON-CRÈT is the original, highly pure creatine hydrochloride (HCl). This unique, revolutionary product is the Future of Creatine. Because of its superior solubility, you only need to take small Micro Doses based on your body weight.

What does Con-Cret Creatine HCl do?

Contrary to popular belief, with CON-CRÈT the less you have the more beneficial it is. Because of CON-CRÈT’s superior solubility, it digests more easily resulting in greater absorption and uptake into the muscles. There is no need to take huge portions that are unnecessary as they typically sit in your gut and cause negative side effects. Taking a micro dose that is based on your body weight is the best way to go and maximises the benefits.

Manufacturer Description

CON-CRET® is the original highly pure creatine hydrochloride (HCl). Unique because of Micro Dosing™ technology, individuals can now dose based on their body weight and workout intensity. CON-CRET® eliminates the need for a loading phase or cycling off. There are no adverse side-effects when taken as directed. CON-CRET® is the Future of Creatine™.


  • Despite solid reviews, HCl is not as widely researched as its monohydrate cousin.
  • The “unflavoured” version may actually have some taste.
  • No larger bulk servings available.

Consumer Testimonials

Con Cret Before Before Con Cret After After

“It’s cheaper on their site [than Amazon] and has free shipping. This flavour is awesome. You will not go wrong buying it.”

“Great Creatine, I can take it anywhere in a small container because of the scoop size and the gains sped up considerably when taking this. BE CAREFUL: I got unflavoured, still tastes like there is a whole lemon in my mouth. Small price to pay: 1.5g HCl has all the potency of its 5g rivals.”

“This has helped big time with muscle recovery. My husband works on heavy equipment and his shoulders take a beating. When taking Con-Cret he is able to recover faster OR he gets to the end of the week with no shoulder pain at all and that is the best result ever. I highly recommend this product. You can Google Creatine HCI and read all about it.”

“Con-Cret: The only ingredient in Con-Crete is Creatine HCl in a dose of 750 mg per scoop. The hydrochloride molecule that is bonded to the creatine is supposed to enhance absorption, increase ATP production, and allow you to avoid a lot of common side effects that come with creatine supplementation like water weight gain and cramps (even though I’ve never experienced any side effects from any creatine before).”

“TASTE: There is a taste that is almost sour and tart, exactly what I think Hydrochloride would taste like. But the scoop is so small and so little water is needed so no problems with the taste. (I did prefer a little OJ to mix it into). EFFECTIVENESS: is where this creatine shines. I don’t have the exact numbers of my increases or my body weight but I didn’t need numbers to tell me this stuff was working. I had an extra 2-3 reps in me on almost every set. I took with a PWO, but it gave me that energy you get from trying a good PWO for the first time, before you gain tolerance and it loses full effect. RECOVERY: with this was also very impressive. Although I was motivated to “up” the intensity on my workouts, the soreness and fatigue the next day was almost non-existant. Stay consistent on your daily doses, the time when taking creatine does not matter, but I like the mental effect of taking it PWO. I would not recommend taking before bed because your body will want water and you don’t want to use the restroom all night. You can only fully see the value of specific supplements when you use them yourself and use them properly. For me, Con-Cret worked and it worked well. I hope it does the same for you.”

What's in Con-Cret Creatine HCl

Creatine hydrochloride (750mg / scoop).

Our Verdict

Creatine HCl seems to score top marks in the recovery process. CON-CRET is also available in capsules, and they are vegetable-based with no gelling agents. They are Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian Society-approved and non-GMO (you can’t say ProMera sports don’t cater for everyone!). This is without doubt worth trying; you might discover the Find of the Year.

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