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Last modified: November 7, 2022

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EVL Nutrition Leanmode Overview

A fat burner coming from one of the industry’s giants. Leanmode from EVL nutrition is a stimulant free fat burner. It is able to pack a punch without the need of stimulants like caffeine. A stimulant free fat burner is certainly nice to see. Considering that most users who work out consume caffeine in their other supplements like pre-workouts, a stimulant free fat burner is ideal. Evl Leanmode Nutrition say that this fat burner works by improving your metabolism to use your fat stores as energy, with the aim of using fat for energy rather than storing it.

What does EVL Nutrition Leanmode do?

Improve metabolism – a number of motabolic catalysing ingredients to boost your body’s metabolism I.e. green coffee, green tea & CLA.

Appetite suppression – Garcinia Cambogia is the ingredient in this supplement that will help control appetite.

Energy boost – Acetyl-L-Carnatine is said to be able to boost energy as well as improving your mood.

EVL Nutrition LeanMode advantage& disadvantages


  • caffeine free fat burner.
  • 150 capsules for around £20 = great value for money.
  • Green coffee bean, a great ingredient choice with proven benefits.
  • Well known trustworthy company.


  • Some of these ingredients do have a small caffeine content.
  • Dosages, would’ve been nice to have seen more punch.
  • Some ingredients don’t have direct fat burning benefits.

Manufacturer Description

About Lean Mode

What is Lean Mode? Lean Mode is a stimulant-free fat burner that can be used by the casual gym-goer to the professional athlete – and everyone in between. If you’re looking to shed unwanted body fat, the profile in Lean Mode can help you achieve your goals.

What does Lean Mode do? It helps take stored body fat (even around your abdomen) and convert it to a usable form of energy to help energise you throughout the day as well as fuel your workouts. The objective is to use body fat and burn it, not store it.

What makes Lean Mode unique? Most fat burners on the market today are slammed with stimulants that can cause many negative and undesirable side effects. Lean Mode is a stimulant free fat burner that gives you the ability to burn fat, increase your energy levels, improve your mood, control your appetite, and boost your metabolism without any jitters, crashes, rapid heartbeat, irritability, or sleeplessness.


Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported by users and the ingredients list wouldn’t suggest that there is any reason for the product to have side effects.

How many servings should you take per day?

the company recommends that you take 3 capsules twice a day and that you don’t exceed 6 capsules within a 24 hour period. We personally think this is less effective and health care practitioners suggest taking 2 capsules around 30-60 minutes your 3 daily meals per day for the best results.

Where is Leanmode produced?

It is produced in America in conjunction with US dietary regulations.

What's in EVL Nutrition Leanmode

What’s in Leanmode?

Clarification – 1 serving = 3 capsules, see FAQs section above for explanation

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – 1000 mg per serving

The substitute for caffeine, CLA is said to help you lose weight through interacting and stimulating your PPAR receptors. PPARα, PPARβ and PPARγ are three of the PPAR receptors. PPARα and PPARβ both directly affect the lipid metabolism and are responsible for the break down of fat stores. However, in order to achieve these desired results, a study stated a dosage of 3-6 g daily was used to get results. This is also within the safe recommended daily dosage. EVL Nutrition state that for every each serving (3 capsules, see FAQs above) there is 1000mg (1 g) of CLA. Unfortunately, that means that following their recommended dosage wouldn’t provide you with enough of a key ingredient within this supplement.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – 500 mg per serving

If you have read our Instant Knockout review, then you’ll firstly know that we’re a fan of this ingredient. You may also know that green coffee bean contains chlorogenic acid. The chlorogenic acid is responsible for breaking down glucose in your liver, this means that your body can’t use the glucose as energy. Forcing your body to break down fat stores to use as energy. It’s good stuff!


this ingredient mainly has benefits in energy and muscle repair, this means it will help you recover from your workouts. However, we can’t help but feel this is simply wasted space in this supplement. This is because users who are working out will probably also take other supplements like creatine and protein to help with their recover. Making this addition simply a waste of valuable space in a supplement that users already believe is slightly under dosed.

Garcinia Cambogia

The appetite suppressing ingredient within this supplement. The verdict for this is a bit hit and miss, it does contain active ingredients within it that can be related to glucose metabolism. However, it is questionable whether this really hits the mark in terms of actual weight loss results. We’re not saying that it won’t aid weight loss but they could’ve definitely considered better appetite suppressors like Glucomannan.

Green Tea Extract

the EGCG antioxidant in green tea which causes a rise in norepinephrine, a hormone which triggers the release of glucose from energy stores. Allowing your body to use the glucose as energy rather than calories you’ve consumed.

Our Verdict

Leanmode, is it an effective stimulant free fat burner?

We can’t help but feel a bit bitter sweet with this supplement, we wanted it to be up there with the best but for us it just doesn’t make the cut. Don’t get us wrong for a stimulant free or at least low stimulant fat burner, Leanmode is definitely on the right track. However, the low dosages on the active ingredients within this supplement is definitely a let down.


On that note we can say for sure that one key improvement that could be made to this supplement is increasing the dosage size of each ingredient. Additionally, ingredients with questionable effect like Garcinia Cambogia seem like un-needed wasted space that could be used to increase dosage size. They could also consider swapping Garcinia with a more effective appetite suppressant like Glucomannan.

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