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Last modified: September 29, 2020

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Fighters Core Overview

Fighters Core has filled a fairly big gap in the fat burner market with a supplement and formula as much about retaining Fighters Core logomuscle mass as it is about removing your unwanted fat.

Using 8 natural ingredients, Fighters Core is more geared towards people who are exercising a minimum of 3 times a week. But this isn’t completely essential to benefit from it’s muscle building and fat cutting formula.

We go into the drawbacks a bit further down, but Fighters Core is an exciting and effective new fat burning solution. That could have massive effects if you are aiming to lose fat and gain muscle.


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What does Fighters Core do?

Burn Fat – Fighters Core doesn’t just boost your metabolic rate. But also helps switch your body into full fat burning mode. The Fighters Core formula has been designed to mobilize fat to be used as energy, reduce the amount of fat stored in the day and as we said, increase your metabolic rate.

Maintain and Build Strength – Fighters Core key ingredients can help protect your body against the breakdown of muscle during periods of fasted training. But not only that, under the right conditions, Fighters Core impact on protein synthesis and key hormones can lead to muscle building.  

Improve Performance – Using natural ingredients, Fighters Core helps you focus and maintain a high level of performance.  

Reduce Appetite – Fighters Cores ingredients can also have an impact on your appetite. Allowing you to feeler fuller and more satisfied through the day. 


Supplement Review in Short

  • Multi faceted fat burner that uses proven ingredients in top products as well as muscle building and anabolic ingredients
  • Advanced and up to date formulation that is based around solid scientific studies
  • Natural ingredients avoid side effects and leave nothing to chance
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Expensive product when compared to others


Supplement Scoring

Value for Money 7/10

Fighters Core is a very expensive fat burner. This could put a lot of people off. But, for the money you get a solid product that offers some massive benefits. This is probably the biggest drawback of this product. But at the end of the day, it uses some expensive and patented ingredients like Capsimax and Teacrine. As well as high doses of ingredients that matter.

Ingredients Score 9/10 

Fighters Core has a very impressive ingredients profile. Containing 150mcg of chromium to stop fat storage, 200mg of muscle building fat burning forskolin and 400mg of fat oxidising green tea, as well as other ingredients like calcium HMB for muscle sparing, teacrine for clean energy and caffeine. The formula is extremely well planned and put together, and justifies the heavy price tag.

Effectiveness Score 9/10

Fighters Core is a product that’ll deliver on six pack abs in ways other fat burners won’t. This is because it’ll help make sure you have more muscle throughout your cut, improving daily energy expenditure and making you look leaner and perform better even during long periods of weight loss.

What's in Fighters Core

Fighters Core The_Formula_Header


Calcium HMB -104mgFighters Core ingredient - Calcium HMB

Is an ingredient that can help protect muscle mass whilst turning your body onto different energy sources,like fat. Calcium HMB increases the amount of protein synthesised within the mTOR pathway. This helps your muscles recover and grow. Calcium HMB or Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate is impressive, so much so it’s worth looking for in any supplements or as a standalone product in your stack.


Coleus Forskholii Extract -200mgFighters Core ingredient - Forskolin Extract

Another ingredient that can have an influence on both muscle building and fat burning. It contains Forskolin, which can balance and improve the efficiency of hormonal cell messengers. It’s this that leads to more fat being metabolised and also potential anabolic benefits. Forskolin also breaks down triglycerides, which will prevent further fat gain.


Green Tea Extract -400mg (98% Polyphenols)Fighters Core ingredient - Green Tea Extract

Studies have show that Green Tea has impressive potential as a fat burner. It promotes fat loss via thermogenesis as well as promoting the breakdown of fatty acids. Fighters Core has a good dose of 400mg. Green tea also provides energy and has been reported to help reduce appetite.


Teacrine -75mg

This is a patented extract which can benefit muscle recovery, but mainly serves as a stimulant. Teacrine promotes energy in a similar way to caffeine, although many report it actually having minimal unwanted side effects and a feeling of clean energy and focus. Teacrine can also boost up metabolism. 75mg is a fairly good amount, especially when balanced with caffeine.


Caffeine Anhydrous – 25mgFighters Core ingredient - Caffeine and Teacrine™

Fighters Core does have caffeine, which is perfect alongside Teacrine. Although just 25mg may not have a major impact on metabolism, it will certainly offer up focus enhancing and performance boosting benefits. The caffeine and teacrine making up 100mg of this formula mean it should have more than enough of a stim effect for most.


Chromium Picolinate -150mcgFighters Core ingredient - Chromium Picolinate

A great ingredient for any fat burner. Chromium helps to regulate insulin levels. By doing this you’ll turn off the fat storage switch in your body.


Capsimax Cayenne Pepper -100mgFighters Core ingredient - Capsimax ™

Capsimax is cayenne pepper, but a patented version to be used as a fat burning aid. It’s patented because it stimulates the fat burning effects of cayenne, without unwanted side effects. Cayenne actually releases hormones which have been looked at as triggers for fat breakdown and increased calorie burn.


Black Pepper Extract (BioPerine) – 10mg

Black pepper its active compound is piperine which helps weight loss in 2 ways- boosting thermogenesis and inhibiting adipogenesis – which is creation of new fat cells. The main reason Black Pepper was included in our formula was because of its ability to improve nutrient utilization in the body – enhancing potency of other ingredients in our fat burner.

Our Verdict

Fighters Core certainly boasts an impressive formula and is more advanced than other products. It promotes fat loss in all areas you’d expect from an effective natural fat burner, and goes above and beyond to promote muscle retention and with the right diet, muscle gain. It might be a bit on the low side in terms of stimulants for the most hardcore. And also has a bit of a high price due to the ‘Adaptive’ formula. Overall though, we have no issue recommending this as a top product.

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