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Last modified: November 15, 2018

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Pro Jym Overview

Pro Jym is arguably the best protein powder on the market. This is because it optimizes performance with a no caffeine formula, meaning they are also very few side effects. On top of this, it is made and manufactured by Onnit. Onnit are a well established supplement company with several endorsements, meaning they can also be trusted to make an effective safe supplement.

What does Pro Jym do?

  • Pro Jym Promotion Only On Body BuildingOptimize favourable hormone balance.
  • Improve athletic performance.
  • Increase strength and power.
  • Assist with muscle recovery.

Manufacturer Description

Synthetic compounds can be effective for the short term. But the body as a biological machine evolved to process food-sourced nutrients, and so the closer we are able to stick to the blueprints, the more holistic the performance optimization will be. Total Strength + Performance breaks the mould on pre-workout formulas, steering clear of the chemicals and stimulants that flood the market with quick pumps and highs. Our ingredients like Longjack, Beta-Alanine, and Luteolin are easily recognized and utilized by the body. The old era of performance supplementation is fading, and athletes who utilize an Earth grown nutrient approach are seizing the opportunity for greater performance and long term performance sustainability.


  • Slightly overpriced.
  • Too many herbal ingredients.

Consumer Testimonials

“This product is a non-stimulant pre-workout so you will not get a big tingling pump like you do when taking high sugar and caffeine pre-workouts. I took this product expecting that; however my lifts have been a lot harder. Yesterday I hit legs hard and would be sore for at least three days and I woke up not sore at all. Great for recovery, would recommend to all athletes.”


“I have used this product several times, and it seems to work pretty well. As with most Onnit products they work well but are pricey. Taste takes some getting used to, but if you choke it down fast you are all set. It’s worth it for most people to at least try it out. I find it to be one of the higher quality test boosters.”

“By far my favourite pre-workout supplement. I am not sure about it increasing my testosterone but every cycle time I use it I increase my weights and/or reps. It does not mix well and the taste is OK but what is important is I get results.”

Video Testimonials


How can I mix the perfect Pro Jym shake?

The amount of water you mix is not as fixed as it is with other supplements, it is more about personal preference here. If you would like a really thick shake you should mix one scoop of Pro Jym with 4-6 oz of water, however if you would like it thinner, just add more water. However, you should note that if you are taking more than one scoop of Pro Jym you will have to up the water content in proportion. For example if you are using two scoops instead of one, you should be adding around 8-12 oz of water.

When should you have your Pro Jym shake?

Usually it is a good idea to drink two scoops (50-60 grams of protein) of Pro Jym 30-45 minutes before your workout. There is some leeway though, some athletes choose to mix it with their pre-workout supplement and then down it just before their workout. WE recommend that if you choose to do this, you are aware of all the ingredients and have asked a health care professional before doing so. This is because mixing supplements can cause side effects.

How can I maximize Pro Jym’s effectiveness?

Since Pro Jym provides a healthy amount of calcium (400 mg) it is a good idea to take some vitamin D3 with it as this can enhance your body’s ability to utilize the calcium more effectively.

What's in Pro Jym

  • Mucuna Pruriens seed extract – helps the body provide support to the dopamine system in the brain.
  • Longjack root extract – Longjack is a flowering plant native SE Asia. It has been shown to help the body restore optimal testosterone levels in aging males.
  • Nettle root extract – good for fibre, and may assist the body with optimizing the level of androgens, including free testosterone and DHT.
  • Red clover flower extract – Eurasian herb used for nutrient values. Can help the body balance out any disruptive hormonal fluctuations.
  • Luteolin – found naturally in celery, lemons, peppermint, oregano and a handful of other herbs. Acts as an antioxidant and general anti-inflammatory for non-medical conditions.
  • Beta Alanine – Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid found naturally in foods. Helps maintain an optimal pH level in the blood.
  • BCAA Amino blend.
  • L-Glutamine.
  • Aspartic Acid.
  • Resveratrol – a polyphenol found in berries and cacao, providing great taste and shows potential as a helpful agent in certain types of weight management.
  • BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract)® – shown in clinical research to promote increased absorption of nutrients in supplement formulations.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5)

Ingredient Explanations

Protein Blend comprising

  1. Whey Protein Isolate – One of two proteins found in milk and other dairy proteins (the other being casein). Whey protein is a common component in protein powders. It is absorbed much quicker than other proteins, and delivers a large amount of the amino acid L-cysteine. Consuming more protein often leads to fat loss, which is a feature of protein consumption rather than whey specifically. Crucially, whey protein appears to increase the synthesis of muscle protein to a higher level than other proteins.
  2. Micellar Casein – The second protein present in milk, casein delivers on muscle protein synthesis, although not to the same degree as whey protein. However, casein decrease body fat mass and increases lean body mass to a greater extent than hydrolyzed whey [R.H Demling, L DeSanti, Effect of a hypocaloric diet, increased protein intake and resistance training on lean mass gains and fat mass loss in overweight police officers, Ann Nutr Metab, 2000; 44:21]. An early study in the mid 1990s found that postprandial [“after a meal”] whole body protein synthesis was increased 68% after ingestion of whey protein, but only 31% after ingestion of casein. This supports the statement that whey is more effective than casein when it comes to synthesising proteins. That said, the combination of whey and casein is beneficial.
  3. Egg Protein – Fifteen grams of egg white protein contain 1,341 mg of leucine, 837 mg of isoleucine), and 1,096 mg of valine. Furthermore, there is no doubting the benefits of consuming egg whites to boost muscle mass; indeed, data showed that leucine induces a maximal skeletal muscle protein anabolic response in young adults, which suggests that leucine-rich egg white protein intake might have an important effect on body mass growth.

Sunflower Lecithin

Lecithin is a purified substance called phosphatidyl choline (PC), which belongs to a category of fat-soluble substances called phospholipids. Lecithin is converted into acetylcholine, a substance that transmits nerve impulses, so whilst it may not have a direct effect on muscle growth in protein powders, lecithin may be useful for general health.


An artificial sweetener and sugar substitute

Our Verdict

A great product to increase performance prior to a strenuous workout. The flavour is spot-on, and its power to aid recovery is phenomenal. Perhaps too many herbal ingredients, though, and a tad pricey, but apart from these grumbles this product hits the spot.

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