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Last modified: November 6, 2022

  • Value for money
  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness
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TestoGen Overview

Coming back with a new and improved formula Testogen has truly had a 0 – 100% moment which is evident by being able to jump up from the bottom of our ranking page for testosterone products up to third place. A natural testosterone booster that can have benefits for both bodybuilding users and Low T users. It provides you with increased strength and stamina, sharpened focus and improved libido. With premium ingredients and improved bio-availability this product has seriously impressed us and is mainly third due to the ingredient type chosen for one of their ingredients from the list.

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  • £40.11 $54.95

    1 Month Supply

  • £87.56 $119.95

    Buy 2 Get 1 Free

  • £131.36 $179.95

    Buy 3 Get 2 Free plus a free E Book and Muscle Tea

What does TestoGen do?

  • Increases concentration.
  • Diminishes mood swings.
  • Reduces fat quicker and increases muscle growth.
  • Gives the user more energy.
  • Heightens libido.
  • Improves stamina.


Supplement scoring

Value for money score – 9/10

Buying one single Testogen bottle will set you back just over £40, which is understandable for a premium product like its self, and is slightly less than its competitors. The main reason we gave Testogen a 9/10 was because of the deals they offer, you can get three for the price of two and five for the price of three. You also bag yourself some extra goodies as well as an E-book and Muscle tea. These deals will save you quite a bit of cash if you’re taking them for the recommended amount of time which is a minimum of three months.

Ingredients score – 9/10

Testogen has bounced back with this new and improved T booster, the ingredients in their last product failed to impress. With their new formula, they have flown up the ranks straight to a firm place at number 4 in our Top10 testosterone boosters.

Testogen has now added five new Ingredients, including the two crucial ingredients key to increasing testosterone, Magnesium and Boron. They have also included 40mg of Nettle leaf extract, which has been found to help prevent testosterone binding to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). The addition of Bioperine and Vitamin K1 have been added to help the body absorb all the new formula and to aid the absorption of Vitamin D. This new formula from Testogen has earned them a well-deserved 9/10.

Effectiveness score – 9/10

The effectiveness of Testogen in the testimonials are clear to see, their results show quickly, for novices and experienced lifters. It’s no surprise with the formula they have provided, but we recommend to use this product for 3 months to show its full potential, Testogen has earned a strong 9/10 for effectiveness here.

Testimonials score – 7/10

The testimonials Testogen display on their website isn’t up to the standard they should be for a product as commercially large as it is. However, through research, we have found testimonials that show the results of Testogen and their effects (see testimonials). Without a doubt they are impressive, but because of Testogens poor attempt of displaying them on their website, we have given them a 7/10.

Manufacturer Description

Do you suffer from:

  • Tiredness and depression.
  • Falling libido.
  • Fat starting to build up around your waist.
  • Loss of concentration and memory.

Now you can do something about it easily. Use TestoGen, the natural and safe way to put these troubles behind you and LIVE again!



  • USA based production so compliant with regulations.
  • Good ingredients list.
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Fully detailed formula no proprietary mix.


  • You may not reap the rewards from one bottle, so a couple of purchases may be necessary.
  • The product features premium ingredients and for that reason has premium pricing.
  • Vitamin K1 chosen which is good but it can be quite easily consumed through a wide range of food sources and would’ve for that reason made more sense to include vitamin K2.
  • The testimonial section is pretty weak considering they say there are thousands of testimonials but only show 4.

Consumer Testimonials

TestoGen Review - Before Picture Before TestoGen Review - After Picture After
Testimonial 1

“I’ve tried just about every fat burner and test supplement at one point or another. Most companies list a “proprietary energy blend” but they don’t tell you how much of each ingredient is in each serving. It always makes me feel better when a company tells you exactly what you are taking. The first thing you’ll notice is the energy. Some may think it’s only a stimulant supplement masking as everything else. Just give it some time and see. I almost stopped taking it, thinking it was another supplement that did noting it claimed. After about two weeks I started feeling a bigger change in my workouts. This is a quality product with quality ingredients. Of course, it depends how your body reacts to it; what works for some does not work for everyone. This is definitely worth a try though.”

Testimonial 2

“Being someone in the medical profession, whenever I start a non-prescription pill, I always start slow to assess tolerance and side-effects. So far I haven’t noticed any adverse effects from using this. From my first few days using with this product, I can say that it seems to be having an effect because I feel more energetic. I’m not a regular exerciser so I understand that this may not be working as fast or as effectively as others have seen. However, given my boost of energy, I’ll make a better effort to exercise more. I think I’m losing a little weight and losing fat, but I might be imagining and I need longer to see if the effects are real. Overall, though, I’ve been satisfied but I do keep a very close eye on my body for any negative symptoms or effects. I haven’t noticed any jitters or headaches…”

Testimonial 3

“I’ve taken it for a couple of days now. I do notice energy when I take it for a few hours. My lifts have been about the same in the gym. I don’t feel any negative things from the product. I was expecting a bigger surge of energy and results. I’ve maintained the same weight. I did feel like I had a bit more energy in the gym, but not on the same level as a pre-workout. Overall, I feel like this may be something that I need to be taking for longer to see results.”

Testimonial 4

“So far so good! I’ve been using this product for about a week now. So far, no negative side-effects and it seems to be working well with energy and work-out sessions. I’ve noticed smaller changes and can only imagine that they’ll increase as I continue to use this product. So far I would recommend Testogen.”

Testimonial 5

“I just started taking this natural test boost and following the dosage I’m feeling the effects pretty quickly. I’ve tightened my diet and regimented my work-out routine to be able to monitor subtle effects from the supplement. I’ll say that my morning energy has been higher, my mood is lifted, my pumps in the gym have been fuller, and my libido is better. Definitely, would recommended for any guys looking to get that extra edge!”

Testimonial 6

“I’m an experienced natural weightlifter / bodybuilder who has not worked out on a consistent basis for the last two years. I’m well experienced when it comes to supplements – especially herbal ones. I was looking for a good set of products to get me back in the swing of things when I came across Testogen. I purchased this product from the official website. Testogen is a quality product and well formulated. In the past, when I was more serious about bodybuilding, I would mix the same ingredients found in this formula along with L-arginine as part of my regime, so I was pleased to see all the ingredients in one pill.

The product has worked well for me. I experienced the same results as I did when I mixed different products in the past. My energy level and strength has increased and I sleep better at night. If you have used illegal products or legal chemically formulated test boosters in the past you will not experience the same results with this product as you did with those. So please don’t compare it to those supplement brands. This is a great natural product and is as good as any I have used in the past.

However, for me personally, it is too expensive. $54.95 is too much for this product. I appreciate the lab certifications and quality of the ingredients but there are other test boosters who can assert and verify those same claims for half the price. For that reason I cannot fathom having this product as a staple product in my supplement chest. Especially when I can get the same level of comfort when it comes to the quality of the ingredients and the same results from another lab at a better price.”


Who is TestoGen aimed at?

TestoGen is aimed at men aged over 18 who are looking to boost their testosterone levels without using steroids. It is particularly favored by athletes of all kind as it can help boost their strength and aid their performance in a natural way. However it can have positive effects on libido, so it can also help those who are looking for improvements in the bedroom.

How long will it take before I notice a difference?

You are likely to see improvements with mood, focus and vitality within just a week. However when it concerns muscle building and gains, this may take between a month and six weeks. It should also be noted that this timescale is only for those who are exercising regularly in addition to taking TestoGen. It is also dependent on your current testosterone levels.

How do I take TestoGen?

You should spread doses throughout the day if you are taking more than one pill. It is also worth noting that you should eat plenty of nutrients between doses because this will ensure maximum usage of TestoGen once it enters your body. By not eating the nutrients TestoGen’s ingredients may not be pushed through the digestive system properly.

TestoGen contains only pure, natural ingredients but laws are different between countries and some herbs may be banned. If you are playing sport or other physical competitive activity, check the relevant sports authorities’ regulations in your own country about taking supplements. We ship worldwide but it is your responsibility to check whether everything in a supplement is acceptable. TestoGen clearly states all ingredients on the label to make this straightforward.

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What's in TestoGen

What’s in Testogen?



This should be an essential ingredient that all people who regularly exercise, evidence supported by scientific studies show that magnesium can greatly increase the levels of both free and bonded testosterone, this effect is said to increase even further if it is used by someone who regularly workouts as it acts as a catalyst to the body’s natural testosterone production.

Fish contains Vitamin B12

Vitamin D

It is suggested that vitamin D consumed through oily fish foods and dairy products can benefit the body by increasing both bonded and free testosterone production. Studies show that men with sufficient vitamin D levels have shown higher levels of testosterone in their body compared to patients with low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D3 has been used in this product which not only increases testosterone levels but also lifts free testosterone that hasn’t been bonded to SHBG. As a result, it’s able to float around your bloodstream to be used up by muscles around the body.



This ingredient is a mineral naturally found in the soil which can be consumed through fruits and vegetables. Studies were undertaken to show the effect of weekly boron supplementation in comparison to a placebo group, the supplement group showed an increase in testosterone levels. One of the studies found that the group who took 10mg of boron per week showed a 28% increase in free testosterone and a decrease in estrogen levels, which is an additional benefit for users with low T levels.

vitamin k1 source

Vitamin K1

This vitamin benefits the body in several different ways; improving bone health, cognitive health and heart health. These are effective for older men with low T to improve vitality and health. There is also a correlation between vitamin K levels and testosterone production which suggests vitamin K deficiency reduces testosterone production. Vitamin K1 also improves the absorption of vitamin D in the body which therefore improves the body’s testosterone levels.

nettle leaf

Nettle leaf extract

The stinging nettle has been proven by scientific studies to be an ingredient that can bind the sex hormone-binding globulin SHBG. The main benefit of this is that it will bind to SHBG which will allow for more levels of free testosterone to move around the bloodstream and then be used by the body to replenish your muscles.

d-aspartic acid source

D aspartic Acid

A common ingredient that is included in testosterone boosters, this amino acid regulator promotes the production luteinizing hormone, this signals the production of free and bonded testosterone which gives your muscles and libido and essential kick to improve muscle health. This new formula for Testogen now comes with 15% more D-aspartic acid per serving.


Fenugreek extract

Fenugreek seeds provide a natural way to enhance libido, vitality, stamina, and strength. It does this by increasing insulin release which helps increase muscle mass. Fenugreek also has powerful antioxidants that help your body fight unhealthy nutrients allowing it to work more efficiently.

vitamin b6 sourceVitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is needed by the body for many different functions to run healthily.  Research has shown that vitamin B’s essential to testosterone production. It has been noted that vitamin B deficiency is a link to low testosterone levels and increased estrogen levels, as well as heightened tiredness and fatigue.

zinc supplement


Zinc is a mineral that is needed for the development of serum testosterone. To it put simply zinc is required to ensure your sperm is healthy and your testes function properly. It is also linked to several different functions throughout the body.



Bioperine is an extract of black pepper that contains 95% piperine, a compound in black pepper. This ingredient is used to increase the bio-availability of the other ingredients which essentially means that it makes it easier for the body to absorb the other ingredients in this supplement.

Learn more about these vitamins and minerals by visiting our dedicated pages for both.


Our Verdict

One of the best natural products on the market. Increased testosterone levels doesn’t have to mean nasty side-effects and the testimonials speak for themselves. As with most supplements, results don’t happen overnight, so stick with it and stand back to admire the end-product. If you require further information on testosterone and bodybuilding as well as the benefits you can visit the guide on our website.

What do we think can be improved on Testogen?

Firstly, as mentioned in the disadvantages they could have chosen the ingredient type more carefully for Vitamin K. It doesn’t really make sense to include a vitamin variant that is quite common when another variant is harder to consume. Also, if some people recommend to take more than one bottle to see optimal results then an increase in ingredients strength is needed. Especially, considering this is a premium priced product that is targeted at the top end of the market.

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