Thyro-Slim Review


Last modified: March 15, 2018

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Thyro-Slim Overview

Thyro-Slim is an advanced 24 hour rapid weight less formula.The product has been designed so that it promotes weight loss all day long, it does this by boosting metabolism. The product has been patented so it cant be copied!.

The ingredients in Thyro-Slim’s all natural formula are backed by strong scientific research. One of the thermogenic herbs in this formula, citrus aurantium, is considered by many in the scientific community to have fat burning properties. Thyro-Slim also contains adrenal compounds, which have been suggested to promote thermogenic fat burning even more!

What does Thyro-Slim do?

Thyro-Slim has been designed to…

  • Support Your Metabolism
  • Promote Fat Burning 24/7
  • Support Your Energy Levels
  • Promote Healthy Appetite Levels
  • Diminish Annoying, Bloat-Inducing Water Retention
  • Support Healthy Sleep

Manufacturer Description

Thyro-Slim® combines an innovative patented AM-PM fat burning formula designed to help you maximize weight loss while promoting energy levels during the day and a restful sleep at night. When taken as directed, the balanced components in Thyrogenic® (AM Formula) and Thyrodene™(PM Formula) are formulated to increase metabolism and enhance your ability to burn body fat throughout the day without compromising sleep!


  • Several large pills / day.
  • Not available in UK stores.

Consumer Testimonials

“I bought this as an appetite suppressant and it does a very good job at that. It took about 4 days till I felt the full effect of the product and it definitely makes you be less hungry throughout the day. There was days though that I still felt hungry, ate like normal and got a belly ache. I learned very quickly after the 2nd belly ache to stop eating when I felt full. I didn’t like that when I took the AM pills with no food it made me dizzy, much like you feel when you get up to fast from being bent over. All in all a very solid appetite suppressant but just eat a little food with the AM pills.”


“I have been taking the dosage suggested on the box. 2 pills with a meal twice a day of the day formula. At night, I take 2 of the night formula. Please anticipate that count when you decide which quantity to buy. Technically, it is 4 day pills and 2 night pills daily. I’ve been on the pills for 7 days now. Surprisingly, they have curbed my appetite. Reluctantly, I weighed in today. I lost 2 pounds. I actually think that I could have lost more if I didn’t have a wine night. My appetite always gets insane when I drink. Still, on the pills, my appetite was still less than it usually is when I drink. I deducted one star from my 5-star review because: 1.) The pills are huge. They require a big swig of water to swallow, and 2.) They may cause constipation. But don’t quote me on that. It can very well be because I haven’t been eating as much, I don’t “go” as often.”

“Not a fan…didn’t work for me. Doesn’t mean they can’t work for someone else but just didn’t for me…”


“This product has helped me with water weight as well as curb any cravings. The box is true: with diet and exercise the pills works great. I have only been taking it for a week but am eager to see what happens in the whole month. Energy levels are steady, food cravings are reduced and water weight is down.”

“It REALLY DOES WORK FOR ME. This combo of products works as well for me as the prescription drug FASTIN. Actually works out better price wise because you don’t have to pay for a Doctor’s visit. This suppresses appetite and gives energy without nervousness or “shakey-quiver” feeling or being nauseous. I actually HAVE TO MAKE MYSELF EAT. SO THIS IS A DEFINITE WINNER FOR ME. P.S. I paid full price for product. No discount, so no biased opinion here.”

What's in Thyro-Slim

  • Thyrogenic (AM formula) – thermogenic ingredients e.g. such as raspberry ketones, green tea extract, guarana seed extract, willow bark extract, and 200mg caffeine.
  • Thyrodrene (PM formula) herbal ingredients e.g. acai extract, uva ursi leaf, chamomile flower extract, and much more.

Our Verdict

A nicely-priced, innovative product, although we can’t help thinking if ever there was a supplement whose effectiveness depends wholly on the user, this would be it. Some report highly desirable effects, whilst others report no benefits whatsoever. Clever ingredients for the morning / evening.

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