Universal Nutrition Creatine Review


Last modified: November 2, 2022

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Universal Nutrition Creatine Overview

Creatine Powder contains 100% pure creatine Monohydrate. This means that you are taking a high energy creatine loading formula. Your muscles will be filled with raw power. Universal Nutrition provides the purest, easy to absorb creatine formula on the market. Creatine works as a high energy bond in both nerve and muscle tissue. These bonds help to maintain ATP levels when your body has muscle contractions.

What does Universal Nutrition Creatine do?

When it comes to creatine there is three distinct categories. There is the bad creatine, the good, and then the great. The difference makes itself known based on the manufacturing quality and the form. There is only one clinically proven form and that is the creatine monohydrate powder. This is the form of creatine that is going to make sure you can workout harder and longer to gain more effectiveness from your workouts. You will be able to increase your performance and your strength. While you might have tried other creatine powders, none are going to give you the results like Universal Nutrition Creatine Powder will.

Manufacturer Description

Among the most researched and proven supplements available today, Creatine Powder is made from the finest creatine monohydrate powder in the world–patented German Creapure®. Studies show that creatine, in monohydrate powder form, increases strength and performance by restoring ATP, allowing for longer, more intense training sessions. Also, creatine helps build lean mass by volumizing and hydrating muscle cells. These performance factors make creatine a staple in the programs of every serious lifter and bodybuilder. DOSAGE: As a dietary supplement during normal training schedules, mix 1 teaspoon in 14-16oz of your beverage of choice. For best results, take with a meal.


  • Question marks over mixing.

Consumer Testimonials

Universal Before Before Universal After After

“Only negative I have with this product is that it doesn’t seem to mix very well and always has some at the bottom of bottle. I just add a little more liquid to get the rest.”

“So adding creatine was unknown to me for some time because all I needed was protein but adding this to my recovery has helped a lot. Since it is flavourless it mixes with everything and that just makes it all the better.”


“Truly unflavoured and works just as good as any other creatine I have used! I have tried lots that are “unflavored” but they are always nasty! This one truly has no flavour just mix it in water!”

“10/10 – enough said!”

Video Testimonials

What's in Universal Nutrition Creatine

  • 5g of Creapure Creatine – Improves strength and increases lean muscle mass

Ingredient Explanations

Creapture Creatine

Another top performer, Universal Nutrition Creatine uses the standard 5g of creatine per serving, but with a twist. Their creatine is Creapure – the brand name for pure creatine monohydrate produced in Germany by AlzChem AG. Studies on creatine details how creatine supplements may improve strength and increase lean muscle mass during high-intensity, short-duration exercises (e.g. weight-lifting). Positive results were seen mainly in young people, around 20 years old.

Our Verdict

Great company, great product. universal Nutrition have come up trumps with their creatine supplement, which will have you maxed in no time. Shop around for the best prices.

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