Why sleep is so important?

Why sleep is so important?

Sleep is possibly the most important time of the day. It is vital for recovery and helps ‘recharge your batteries’. Ultimately your body prepares itself for the next day. Getting too little sleep or too much sleep can effect your performance in just about everything. For example, after a day of exercise and weight training, sleeping and relaxing is essential for rebuilding muscle tissues. Also, as well as physically recovering, you also recover mentally. For example you are more alert after a good night’s sleep.


How to fall asleep when not tired

How to fall asleep when not tired

Sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep. However, if you need lots of sleep for the next day, then you may need help ‘winding down’. See the account below for help.

I’ve been having problems falling asleep when not tired and I think is not just me, there are a lot of people having problems to fall asleep when not tired. When I work very much and I am very tired, then I can go to sleep fast and I do not have any more problems about it – it’s easy to sleep when you need to sleep, but when you can’t sleep, then there are a lot of things you may be doing and it’s a little easy to manage it all. One of the things I would say that’s the best in order to fall asleep fast when you can’t, is to make yourself tired and then you’re going to sleep, for sure. So, in the next part of this hub I’ll be talking about how can you can make yourself tired and so on.

Here are a few ways in which you can make yourself tired and fall asleep (instantly or fast, or none – do not take any sleeping pills because you do not want to get addicted to it and then have any more problems because of it):

  • When I stay to much in front of computer, reading, playing games or reading something on it, I’ll be tired in no time – so basically most of the articles around the web with sleeping and stuff are there to make you tired and to feel tired, so it’s easy to fall asleep
  • Do some sport – get some exercises near the bed and try to get yourself in the trim– that’s why if you’re getting yourself tired (physically), it’s easily to fall asleep – you know what’s the alternative, get used with it, it’s healthy and you’re going to sleep a lot faster.
  • Relax – another way to make this happen it’s relaxing – this technique it’s also used in meditation and stuff like this, and you may already know.

Here are other tricks that may really help you out:

  • One of the things I’ve seen while sleeping is you have to go to the bathroom in order not to have further problems – I can’t fall asleep if I need to pee or something like this, and I think you can’t do this either – so make this happen if you do not want more nasty things to happen to you.
  • Also, do not fall asleep or try to fall asleep hungry because you’re going to have a lot more problems and you’re not going to fall asleep – make this real, eat something.
  • Caffeine or things like it are not good to let you make it – do not drink alcohol or any types of it, if you want to fall asleep easily and with no further problems.

Some people do use some sort of tea and other stuff like it to fall asleep easily and I have to say that I’ve tried it, from my grandmother, sometime it works, sometime it does not – I guess falling asleep keeps in touch with the psychological system to, nervous system, not just like that. Some say that chamomile tea or mint tea may be good in order to relax yourself (I’ve been saying about relax in the past) and help you out with sleeping. Avoid things that stimulate sleep, sleeping pills or stuff like this because they are not going to help you out and getting addicted to it, is not going to help you with anything – I’ve got friends that got addicted to things like this – sleeping pills, and when they do not have the sleeping pills, they do have more problems, more that they could imagine and they can’t sleep either.

If you need to stay awake but are feeling tired, what can you do?

If you need to stay awake but are feeling tired, what can you do?

It is never good to try and stay awake if your body is telling you to sleep, however sometimes are forced to. You can try simple steps like staying in a lighted room and trying not to get to comfortable. However, these aren’t always helpful in situations like when you need to go to work. So, the most common way to stay awake, is to increase your caffeine levels. Firstly try it completely naturally, and then consider a supplement.

Increase Caffeine Levels Naturally

A good idea is to increase caffeine as naturally as possible. Of course, you can try and get a hot drink such as a tea or a coffee. Drink these before work and throughout work. As well as drinking them at work be sure not to drink them just before bed or in the entire evening. This will ensure that you get a good nights sleep. Be aware of all the foods that have high levels of caffeine so that you can avoid eating them at night. Read a helpful list here for more on that.

Using a Caffeine Supplement

Using a caffeine supplement will definitely help you stay awake. This is because it improves your alertness and focus. For example, you could start using Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine today for this. It is hard to get asleep when you are focused and alert, so this supplement will definitely help.

However, many people don’t like to use supplements because they’re unfamiliar. This is why we suggest looking for caffeine in food instead. Having said that, Top 10 Supplement reviews offer caffeine supplement reviews here. This means you can read through the reviews and see if you would like to start using them.