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Why do so many people smoke?

15 in 100 US citizens (2015) according to a CDC survey, smoke cigarettes often. An even higher 19% (2016) smoke in the UK according to an NHS survey. Why do so many people continue to smoke? Nicotine makes people get addicted to cigarettes, but what causes someone to first start smoking? It could be peer pressure, it’s calming effect or anything. There is no clear answer. However the one fact that is clear, is that smoking is bad for your health.

Smoking: 201 Reasons to Quit

Smoking, 201 Reasons to Quit

About thirty million Americans who smoke say they want to quit, but lack the motivation. Smoking: 201 Good reasons to Quit offers that determination by focusing on why you ought to not smoke, rather than how to quit. The book includes a complete in-depth explanation of the dangers and disadvantages of smoking. The book describes more than one hundred ways that tobacco harms smokers’ health, frequently major to prolonged disability and early death. A medical advisory panel of prominent physicians has reviewed these sections about tobacco-related illnesses. The book incorporates discussions of troubles induced by nicotine addiction, the greatest methods of quitting tobacco, the wellbeing hazards of second-hand smoke to others, and the methods that smoking increases the dangers of injury and death. Jack Klugman, star of stage and screen and an antismoking activist who fortunately survived the cancer triggered by his smoking, wrote the book’s foreword. You can purchase this book today from here.