TCA and Electron Transport

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Have you ever wondered how your body processes your energy levels? You can take supplements to help your body breakdown food more effectively and therefore give you more energy. For this process we would recommend Digestech by Onnit. The TCA cycle and electron transport have a big part to play in this. Therefore they directly affect how much energy you have left for your workouts.

TCA Cycle

Metabolic reactions that break down molecules of acetyl CoA to carbon dioxide and hydrogen;  all energy yielding nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, and protein) go through the TCA cycle for energy. Thus, without the TCA Cycle, your body would not be able to process the nutrients you give it.

Electron Transport Chain (ETC)

Electrons from hydrogen are passed to oxygen and the energy released is trapped in the bonds of ATP; low-energy electrons with the remaining hydrogen atoms combine with oxygen to form water (which is why oxygen is essential to life).

Links For Reference

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