Tips to Help Lose the Lockdown Weight Gain

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The Covid-19 pandemic has required most of us to spend more time inside and alone more than many of us would like to be. This unexpected lifestyle change has meant we have been more sedentary and anxious than ever! It probably comes as no surprise that many people are now searching for tips to help lose the lockdown weight gain.

Stress and anxiety are both known to increase appetite, so it’s no wonder that lockdown weight gain is now impacting so many. In times of stress and struggle, our bodies are hard-wired to seek out foods that will provide us with quick energy. Unfortunately, those foods are usually high in sugar and fat!

Time to give ourselves a break. So many things have been out of our control; we have been in coping mode, self-soothing mode and adrenal fatigue mode, no doubt. Acknowledge, accept and move on.

If you’re ready to lose the pandemic pounds and turn the lockdown weight gain into weight loss, keep reading.

Increase Daily Exercise

To lose weight gain after lockdown cannot be done through exercise alone, but it does need to be included to aid fat loss and increase muscle and cardiovascular health. Nutrition and lifestyle are essential components in decreasing weight gain, but exercise will also help.

Daily exercise will not only help decrease the lockdown weight gain, but it will also help boost mood, improve sleep, relieve stress, and make you fitter and healthier.

If you didn’t have an exercise plan before, it’s time to start. If you had an exercise routine before, it’s time to return to it. If you were bored or not getting results on your last workout plan, it’s time for a change. All movement is exercise and helps boost health. Move it or lose it! 

Increase your everyday activity too, it all adds up to help lose the lockdown weight gain. Walk at lunchtime, cycle to the office, play frisbee with your dog, walk the kids to school.

Exercise and nutrition are two critical elements for increasing vitality and losing body fat.

Improve Nutrition Intake

While there are many differing opinions about the best ways to lose weight gain, we’ll keep it simple and focus on helping you make healthier food choices and decrease less-healthy ones. Including exercise and lifestyle changes helps ensure weight loss is safe and sustainable.

Filling out a food diary for one whole week (and being honest) can be helpful to see where specific dietary changes need to be made.

Eating a more plant-based diet could help increase your body’s ability to fight off illness and disease by increasing your healthy gut bacteria and, in turn, your immune response.

Cut down on alcohol, processed packaged foods, drinks, meats, refined carbohydrates and takeaways high in sugar and fat.

Lifestyle is just as important as diet and exercise.


  • Increase water (fruit and herbal teas count too)
  • Eat fibre rich foods like vegetables, whole grains and fruit
  • Include healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, coconut oil
  • Water dense foods like watermelon, cucumber and salad
  • High-quality proteins like pulses and legumes, eggs, tofu, dairy (in moderation), vegan products that aren’t overly processed and organic, grass-fed lean meats.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

The thought of catching Covid-19 was enough to send anyone into a panic, but when fears for relatives accompany that, not being able to go about our daily lives, homeschooling and uncertainty about work, it’s not surprising that stress levels have probably risen far beyond the norm.

Try these lifestyle improving tips to help decrease stress levels and lockdown weight gain.

  • Bringing plants into the home, go for a walk outside or go and sit in nature
  • Try meditation or mindfulness by attending a class or using an APP
  • Move your body, dance, cartwheel, play a sport or do a yoga session
  • Connect with people who make you feel good, listen and let you be you
  • Read or watch something that will lift you and provide an escape
  • Try a mindfulness hobby like painting, cooking, crosswords, playing an instrument…

Take Away

Consistent changes in activity levels, dietary amount, and quality alongside lifestyle changes will help decrease the lockdown weight gain and increase fitness and health. 

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