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It’s not difficult to neglect your eyes, a lot of people do, not realizing that everyday life can put a real strain on your eyes and even cause damage. Remember when your parents would tell you ‘eat your carrots and you’ll see in the dark’ well, there is some truth to that. Carrots contain Vitamin A and Retinol which are two substances that aid your eyesight, but if you don’t feel like stuffing your face with carrots every day then vision supplements are perfect for helping maintain healthy eyesight. Below I have detailed the top supplements for eyesight on the market in 2019, whether you’re using them for sport, work, or just for everyday life.

1. Performance Lab Flex

V Lab Vision

What is Performance Lab?


Performance Lab Vision is an all-natural and safe, plant-based supplement that will enhance your eyesight to improve everyday life and provide you with a competitive edge whether that’s in sport or at work. This supplements plant-based ingredient supports:

  • Macular pigment for high-res eyesight
  • Glare reduction
  • Flash recovery
  • Enhances night vision and contrast sensitivity by supporting retinal rhodopsin
  • Shields macula from the harmful effects of blue wavelength light rays

Ingredients breakdown


Lutein (10mg) & zeaxanthin (2mg)lutein

These are both powerful antioxidants that help to counteract the effects of blue light, which is what’s immitted from screens, that damage your macula and retina, also they help to protect from eye strain and glare.

black current

European black currant extract

The current extract contains Cyandid-30-Glucoside (C3G), this helps

regenerate supplies of rhodopsin to the retina, which helps increase the sped of which signals are sent to the brain.

European Bilberry extract (25mg)bilberry

This extract contains anthocyanins, which also help the blood flow to the eyes by enabling the capillaries to be more flexible.



Saffron (1mg)

Saffron includes Safranal and Crocin, these are pigments that help with glare reduction and furthermore enhance motion detection, also protecting the macula.


Astaxanthin (1mg)


This antioxidant helps the delivery of the other ingredients whilst additionally increasing blood flow to the retina.

Sporting benefits



Performance Lab Vision is a great supplement when it comes to getting a competitive edge in sports, its formula helps with motion detection, reaction time and hand-eye coordination, therefore making it a perfect supplement if you want to improve your game for sports like Golf, and Tennis.

It is also widely used by competitive gamers, this is due to its ability to assist with reduced eye fatigue and screen induced vision strain, so if you game competitively or just enjoy gaming regularly then picking up a tub of vision will separate you from the pack in going above in your gaming abilities.

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2. Vimerson Health Vision Support

Vimersons Vision image

What is Vimerson Health Vision Support?


Vimersons Health’s Vision Support is a 100% natural and effective way of ensuring your eyesight is kept clear and strong by providing you with proper nutritional supplementation. Its formula works to:

  • Promote optimal eye function
  • Support retina, lens and macula health
  • Promote clear healthy vision
  • Protect cells from oxidation
  • Reduce eye fatigue.

Ingredients breakdown


Eyebright extract

Extracted from the Eyebright plant, it has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Bilberry extract


This extract provides anthocyanins including C3G that help with the rate of which signals are sent from the brain to the retina.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

An ingredient that helps with reduced inflammation and improved nerve function.


L-Taurine shrimp

A key ingredient that helps with the treating

of macular degeneration, which is most commonly found in older age patients, helping your vision stay stronger and clearer for longer.


Quercetin is from the flavonoid group of polyphenol, it is sourced from fruit and vegetables and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.



This promotes healthy blood flow in the eyes and body by strengthening blood vessels in your system.

Grape seed extract

grape seed

Grape seed extract reduces and repairs macular damages, it does this by reducing oxidative stress and improving blood flow.

Lutein & Zeaxanthin


Two very important antioxidants that are found in nearly all eyesight supplements, which helps counteract the effects of blue light on the macula, it also helps maintain sharp vision.


N-Acetyl Cysteine source

N-Acetyl Cysteine

A key ingredient that counteracts the decline of retinal function with age.


Lycopene powder

Another ingredient that helps with the reduction in the rate of macular degeneration.


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3. NutraGreen Eye Health Essential


What is Nutragreen Eye Health essential?


Nutragreen’s formula provides you with a healthy range of benefits that are key to your visual functions, this includes support of healthy retinal tissues, eye protection, and prevention of age-related problems. ‘Eye Health’ also includes the 2 famous key ingredients in eyesight products, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are both potent carotenoids that replenish nutrients within the retina. Benefits of this supplement include:

  • Eye dryness
  • Fatigued Eyes
  • Vision blurriness
  • Inflammation

Supplement breakdown



Egg Protein

Vitamin A

A key ingredient that enhances protection against macular degeneration and improves cornea function.


vitamin E, eggs

Vitamin E

This vitamin has several different benefits, it not only helps with macular degeneration but also helps with cellular oxidation and improves circulation.

Vitamin Cvitamin A, peppers

This antioxidant improves blood vessel health and helps with connective tissue, another benefit of Vitamin C is that it helps counter glaucoma and cataracts.

Vitamin D3vit d3, tuna

A Vitamin you won’t normally find in many supplements for eyesight. it has been found to help counter retinal inflammation, additionally it has been linked to reducing age-related macular degeneration, and improve all-round vision.


zinc supplement


Zinc works with Vitamin A to benefit your vision, it helps the vitamin create melanin which is a pigment that protects your eye.


Lutein & Zeaxanthinbroccoli

Of course, this power couple must be included in the formula, for its powerful antioxidants that help shield the eye from blue light, which can damage the macula and retina.



This is another antioxidant that helps with eye fatigue, eye strain and improves visual sharpness.

Bilberry fruit extractbilberry

A familiar friend that has been included in all three formulas, for its benefits of improving the rate of which signals are passed from the retina to the brain, and aiding blood flow and blood vessel health.

Final Verdict

All the supplements listed above have their own individual benefits to the user, but there are several ingredients that have been used in each of the products like berry extract, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin, these are all powerful ingredients that are key to improving eyesight and maintain sharp vision, making all these products top supplements for eyesight in 2019.

Performance lab is a premium-priced product, that serves up premium results. It deserves the top place at number one for not only its well-constructed formula, and many benefits but its ability to enhance your sporting performance, making it a perfect supplement for the older age’s that want to get a competitive edge in sports like golf or tennis.

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