All in one weight loss and fat burners guide

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Here is our essential weight loss and fat burners guide set up to provide you with all the information you need to successfully lose weight safely.

Before supplements were all the rage, Bodybuilders understood that in order to shred fat while still building muscle, a strict diet plan must be put in place with high protein being the main target. The general rule is to consume high protein while keeping both carbs and fats as low as possible (unless you’re bulking).

To do this you want to try keep foods such as rice, bread, potatoes and even Banana’s (30g carbs!) all of these foods seem like a no go then, right? Well actually you need to think about what kind of diet you need to be based on what weight you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it. We will discuss this further on going into detail of what technique we personally feel is a good way to set out our goals to set out my fitness targets.

Setting your weight loss goal

The first step to setting out your goal is working out where you are currently at in term of you weight and your workout routine. A good first indicator to look at is your current BMI there are a range of BMI charts and calculators such as the NHS BMI calculator that allow you to work out whether you’re a healthy weight. It is important to mention that there are a few other tools and indicators such as the waist to hip ratio that can provide some insight into your current body weight.

Continuing from this we believe another key indicator that needs to be taken notice of before setting your weight loss goals is establishing what fitness level you are, to ensure you’re not just stuck in the weight loss mentality when you don’t need to be. Beginner, intermediate or advanced, the main reasons for establishing this is that firstly it will allow you to set a realistic goal and workout plan. Establishing what level, you are in the gym also allows you to start looking at a diet plan you will need as well as thinking about what supplements you may want to take to achieve your target goal. If you need workout advice then take a look at the exercise tips section on our website for advice on each body part.

SMART Objectives

This way of setting objectives derives from the business context but it can definitely be used to set a weight a loss objective to achieve your desired body shape.

Specific – What do you want to achieve? Want to shred, want to lose your muffin tops, well make sure the goal fits into your needs.

Measurable – Can you measure your progression? This is useful to establish whether you need to improve your current diet plan or workout routine, so make sure you’re keeping track!

Achievable – Are you able to achieve your targets? There’s no point saying you want to lose 2 stone in 2 weeks if you haven’t been to the gym in months, so make sure you aren’t chasing fairies.

Relevant – Are all of the workout and diet targets you have set up to achieve your goal actually relevant to that goal? If you’re taking in a high amount of carbs to build your muscles even though you are trying to lose weight maybe you should consider other options such as supplements.

Time frame – Make sure you set a realistic timescale and set intermittent goals that you can constantly keep track of, to measure progress and ensure you are able to achieve your desired goal.

Using this framework, you should be able to set out a plan for your weight loss that will help you achieve your goal and then improve or alter your routine in order to achieve your desired body shape goals in the future.

Diet Plan

Healthy meal diet plan

Now that you have established your current BMI (body mass index) and set your goals you will need to set out a diet plan to follow and help you achieve your goal. You will also want to consider how active you’re throughout your daily activities, the less active you are the lower calories you want to consume because you will just put on weight. The more active you are the more calories you can consume and you will need higher macros (but they need to be the right macros!).

You want to aim to eat mainly meaty and leafy foods while consuming lower carbs and starchy foods. However, we wouldn’t recommend cutting them out altogether if you aim to get lean rather than simply losing fat, we have created a useful healthy eating guide to ensure you’re getting the right nutrition. If your only aim is to lose fat then no carb diets could be a good find for you and we will soon be covering no carb diets such as the ketogenic diet on our website. There are a number of natural food ingredients that you are able to consume in order to catalyse your weight loss, for example green tea and cucumbers are both ingredients that can aid in fat loss. It is important to remember that even if you decide to take fat burner supplements you will still be required to make a diet plan and workout routine to actually see results.

Keeping track of your calories and macro intake is key to ensuring you stay on track with your dietary needs. There are a number of smartphone apps, such as MyFitnessPal, that can be used to count calories and macro intake or you can do it the old-fashioned way and manually count your intake, it really depends on your preference. It would be beneficial to set up a caloric deficit for your daily intake, considering both your calorie intake as well as your macro intake. So, for example how much protein do you need to intake, what do you need to limit your carbs and fats to, this will allow you to stick within your required intake limits and plan your meals out better.

If you’re struggling to lose stomach blubber it may be worth considering what aerobic exercises you can do to lose your stubborn belly fat.

Supplements that can aid in weight loss

MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Review

There are a number of workout supplements that can aid in weight loss. Whey protein is an essential in weight loss plan, this is because most whey protein products contain up to 25g of protein per shake usually derived from milk. Additionally, they can come with low carbs and even lower fats depending on which type of protein supplement you get, for example Phase 8 Protein contains 26g of protein with only 8g of carbs and 1.5g of fat! So, as you can see whey protein is certainly an essential on a high protein diet plan.

Creatine is another workout supplement that can help you whilst you’re trying to lose fat. It can do this by pumping your muscles with water which will then trigger protein synthesis creating more protein for your muscles to grow, at a time where your macros may be lower due to your low-calorie weight loss diet. Additionally, having bigger muscles means you will burn more energy in your daily routine, helping you to lose weight even when your sat watching TV.

Pre-workout can aid in weight loss in two ways, firstly it provides you with energy before a workout allowing you to work harder and more importantly work on an empty stomach so your body can burn its fat stores as a source of energy whilst you’re working out. Pre-workout can also aid weight loss through its ingredients, such as caffeine which can speed up your body’s metabolism and promote fat oxidation.

Fat Burners all you need to know

Instant Knockout Fat Burner supplement

What are fat burners?

These are supplements that aim to burn fat, they claim to do this either through a variety of ways; increase metabolism, lower appetite, promote fat oxidation and boost your core temperature to burn calories. The aim of these supplements is to burn calories or reduce calorie intake to result in increased weight loss over time.

Fat supplements can also work by signalling the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine which mobilises fat from fat stores to the blood stream so that it can then be burned and used by the body as an energy source. Which when combined with the stimulating factors of fat burners can cause body fat to be burned through energy use. It is important to mention before we discuss fat burners further that they are by no means a miracle drug and even though you may be consuming these supplements you will still be required to work out and maintain a healthy diet to see the best possible weight loss results.

Types of fat burners


Thermogenic supplements are fat burners that work through increasing the body’s core temperature and metabolism, the aim of this is that by increasing the body’s temperature it will burn energy faster and increasing the metabolic rate will result in higher mobility of fat from fat stores. Some thermogenic supplements can contain some controversial ingredients such as ephedrine which have amphetamine like effects. These work by increasing noradrenaline production which then causes blood pressure to increase, noradrenaline is usually prescribed via injection in cases of severe drops in blood pressure. Prolonged usage of ephedrine can therefore be potentially life threatening and can reduce your life expectancy.

However, some thermogenic supplements are safe to use in terms of ingredients and are quite effective in how they work, to find the best of these supplements visit our top 10 thermogenic supplements page.

Carb blockers

These supplements work by blocking the absorption of carbohydrates into your body, they restrain amylase enzymes that are used to digest carbs which allows them to pass through the system rather than being digested and absorbed by the body. Carb blockers are quite an effective supplement because blocking out carbs means that you will be blocking additional calories and carbs are transformed into glycogen so your body uses them rather than your fat stores that you want to get rid of. However, though these supplements are quite useful for rapid weight loss it is important to mention that carbs are an important macro in your diet and cutting them out completely could have some negative effects on your body’s health.

Appetite Suppressors

This type of fat burner supplement works by including ingredients that reduce your hunger cravings. An example of this is in the Instant Knockout supplement, the Ingredients include green coffee beans which contain chlorogenic acid which works by increasing lipid metabolism as well reducing blood sugar levels, therefore reducing food cravings. It is important with appetite suppressors that you stay within the recommended dosage and don’t allow your food intake to drop below your body’s calorie requirement.

Fat blockers

With a similar effect as carb blockers, fat blockers aim to stop the body from digesting and absorbing fat present in the food you eat. Most fat blockers work by contain ingredients that bind to fats in food before they can be digested and absorbed into the body. However, this isn’t just a positive factor though because the body will not be able to absorb healthy fats. Additionally, some of the ingredients used in fat blockers can block out essential nutrients such as Carotenoids which is used by the body to later be converted into vitamin A.

Thyroid regulators

Having an underactive thyroid can mean that your body produces less hormones that it needs to keep the metabolism at a healthy rate and ensure that the body is breaking down foods properly. The metabolism burns nutrients in the body to produce energy so if this is under active then it could result in the body not burning calories as well as it should be. These fat burners supply the body guggulsterone and forskolin as long as other ingredients that work to maintain the metabolic rate and ensure that they thyroid gland is performing properly. It is important that before taking these products you consult with physician regarding the severity of your thyroid problem.

Cortisol Blockers

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is responsible for what your body does with the carbohydrates, protein and fats it intakes, for example when there is a heavy stress on your body usually from overworking it Cortisol will work to store nutrients you consume into fat stores around your stomach. These supplements reduce Cortisol levels which in turn reduces the chance of nutrients being stored as body fat, therefore aiding in weight loss/ reduction. It is important to remember that anything your body naturally produces is still important and if you take this supplement it may be a good idea to cycle it so you aren’t always blocking your cortisol production.

Side effects of fat burner supplements

As with most supplements fat burners come with quite a few potential side effects, the most extreme side effects come with products that feature the ingredients Ephedrine which has similar effects as amphetamine and Yohimbe which is a mild hallucinogen and aphrodisiac. Both ingredients feature a number of heart and blood pressure related side effects as well as more side effects which can be found in the links featured in their names.

Fat burner thermogenic supplements can carry harmful effects one of which is overheating which can also come from supplements that feature a lot of ingredients designed to work as stimulants. Liver damage like most other supplements can also be a potential side effect of fat burners which is why it is important to research the ingredients used in a supplement before taking them.

The biggest problem that can come from fat burners is undeclared ingredients that aren’t put on the products label, this is due to the FDA not being able to test all fat burners on the market which is why it is important that where possible you buy products that are FDA approved or you research into all of the listed ingredients within the products. This fact sheet for dietary supplements released by the FDA is quite insightful and lists some ingredients that you need to be careful of.


Achieve your goal!

Losing weight evidently quite a tough task but as you can see from this guide if you take the proper approach and stick to your plan with a bit of patients you will be able to see real results. Supplements can play quite a large part in weight loss, now you know some of the average workout supplements you may already be taking that can help you in your goals to reach your optimal weight. Fat burners can also be quite an effective too in losing weight, however it is important you remember that you will still need to work hard to achieve your goal and it is key that you stay within the recommended dosages of your supplement in order to remain safe while taking them.

With our weight loss and fat burners guide we hope that which ever way you choose lose weight, you are able to smash your goal and do so safely. We will soon be publishing an article for ketogenic diets so keep your eyes on our website for that.