Why supplements to boost health are more popular than ever with men

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What are the best ways to combat fatigue, boost your immune system and be as healthy as possible? We all know that following a healthy diet, exercising regularly and keeping stress levels down are important, but many people neglect the benefits of supplements.


Men, in particular, are increasingly realising that choosing the right kind of supplements can help to boost your health in many ways. From increasing libido to higher testosterone, and from easier fat loss to balanced hormones, the case for men taking supplements is strong.

How does taking supplements to boost health work for men?

A lack of minerals and vitamins can have far-reaching effects on your health. And when men reach middle age, they often find they’re hit by low testosterone, erectile dysfunction and unmanageable stress levels. So, as well as eating well, an easy and convenient way to include these vitamins and minerals is through supplements.


There are loads on the market, so it’s important to only use the highest quality supplements. There are specific blends available, such as Centra Peak, which are formulated for problems like low testosterone. Or you can take individual vitamins and minerals if you prefer. We’d always advise taking a high-quality blend by a reputable company, so that your supplement helps as much as possible.


Try the following basic vitamins and mineral supplements and see how better you could feel.

Vitamin D – this vitamin is vital for the body to function properly. It boosts the immune system and helps you to fight off any infections. It also helps to increase levels of testosterone, and this can make men feel a lot better in general. Low testosterone isn’t just about libido and sex drive, it can contribute to feeling generally tired and stressed too. There is also some evidence that it can contribute towards prostate issues too.


While many people assume they’re probably getting enough Vitamin D from being outside, this is actually unlikely. Taking a supplement every day ensures that you are truly getting the levels you need. For men, we’d advise taking a dose of 5000iU every day for optimal heart health and muscle development. Recent research shows that Vitamin D is important for fighting off COVID-19 too.


Zinc – as we’ve already mentioned, testosterone levels to fall naturally as men get older. But the problem is exacerbated through poor nutrition, stress and bad sleep patterns. Low levels of testosterone can affect bone density and mood, as well as sex drive and anxiety levels.


Men with low zinc levels are more likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction and acquire body fat in areas like the chest and hips. This is because of the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen in men as they get older. A zinc supplement can help level out these hormones and help to maintain testosterone levels into middle age and beyond.


Vitamin B1-6 – B vitamins are water soluble, which means our bodies simply can’t store them for future use. So, if we don’t keep on top of them by taking a supplement or eating the right food, low B complex levels can affect all kinds of health issues. Here’s what each one is good for, and why you should include a B vitamin complex in your supplement regime.


  • Vitamin B1 – thiamine. This works on the nervous system and can be consumed from certain foods, including whole grains and beans.
  • Vitamin B2 – This regulates the metabolism and is important for skin and hair.
  • Vitamin B3 – This increases the good cholesterol in your body and mitigates the bad.
  • Vitamin B5 – pantothenic acid. This helps your body create more red blood sells and balances sex and stress hormones.
  • Vitamin B6 – improves your mood, sleep and serotonin levels.
  • Vitamin B12 – improves heart health and wards off depression.


Magnesium – probably one of the most important minerals for the human body, magnesium helps to control blood sugar levels and nerve function. It also synthesises the protein in our bodies and helps recovery from illness or injury. Deficiency in this mineral will mean a decreased libido, fatigue and high stress levels.


Omega 3 – although many of us ingest a lot of Omega 6 from various oils in our diet, our levels Omega 3 fatty acids are often too low. Omega 6 inflames the body, while Omega 3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that counteract this inflammation. By taking an Omega 3 supplement every day, you can help to maintain a healthy immune system and improve your stress levels as well.