Recipes are often best when created tailored to a specific persons preferences. However, we can share some of our favourite recipes as a guideline for making some of your own. You may want to copy these exactly or edit them to your liking. The choice is yours.

Super-Hot Chili

Learn how to cook up a Super-Hot Chili by gathering our ingredients and following our preparation method.

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Pumpkin Tart

Make Pumpkin Tart in quick steps by reading our detailed preparation method here.

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Easter Lamb Cake

Learn how to make Easter Lamb Cake by following the preparation method after gathering the ingredients.

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Easter Salad

Learn how to make Easter Salad with the following ingredients and preparation method.

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Easter Lamb

Gather the ingredients and follow the preparation method to make a fine-tasting Easter Lamb.

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Hot Cross Buns

If you follow this recipe closely, you will be able to make and enjoy some delicious Hot Cross Buns.

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